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News release on the corona virus pandemic

News release on the corona virus pandemic

At Islet, we are aware that the Corona pandemic poses risks with wide-ranging effects. We take this issue seriously, and in doing so, we create scenarios and take measures to minimize risks. We strive to support our employees, customers and partners in...

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Sikla selects ISLET as SAP Business ByDesign partner

Sikla selects ISLET as SAP Business ByDesign partner

Known as “builder of the future”, the construction group Sikla designs and builds condominium homes, nursing homes, kindergartens, schools and business premises. The mission of the entire Group is to provide a better user experience and thus, the users of...

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Algorithms drive cars in the future

Can we expect self-driving cars to take to the roads in the near future? Hear from Isletter & software developer Sámuel Zeke about where we are today in the development of self-driving cars and what he sees are the major challenges still to be solved.  ...

Beware of biased AI

How to minimise unwanted bias in algorithms? Isletter & software developer Sámuel Zeke explains how Artificial Intelligence can be biased.   https://youtu.be/5IQrYc3OkRY   AI systems are only as good as the data we put into them. Bad data can contain...

Machine learning tackles data-related problems

Machine learning (ML) is about learning to do better in the future based on past experience. The emphasis of machine learning is on automatic methods. In other words, the goal is to devise learning algorithms that do the learning automatically without...

Islet Group becomes a Microsoft Silver Cloud Partner

In February 2020 Islet Group became a Microsoft "Silver Cloud Platform" partner. This partnership is an indication of Islet’s strong expertise in Microsoft Azure and its pioneering efforts in taking SAP ERP solutions to Azure. As a long-term partner of...

Edge is the key word in computing

“The advent of Edge Computing as a buzzword you should perhaps pay attention to is the realization by a very select few cloud providers (Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and IBM) that there isn’t much growth left in the cloud space. Almost everything that can be...


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