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Transmeri and ISLET are first ones taking S/4HANA to Azure

Transmeri and ISLET are first ones taking S/4HANA to Azure

The Finnish family business Transmeri Group, specializing in manufacturing, importing and wholesaling and the family-owned company ISLET Group specializing in technology consulting have started the S/4HANA innovation project at the beginning of May 2019....

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Data management expert Aureolis joins #IsletGoesItämeri campaign

As a part of the #IsletGoesItämeri campaign, ISLET Group invites all its clients and partners to join taking care of the Baltic Sea and building a better tomorrow. Our partner Aureolis Oy is an expert organization focused on Business Intelligence and their...


THROUGH ISLET BINOCULARS: JANNE NAHKURI, SAP APPLICATION OWNER, ABB   We live in Helsinki with my wife and dog. We have a grown-up son studying in Turku. In my spare time I exercise a lot outdoors with our dog.   What kind of organization do you work for...

ISLETTER HIGHLIGHT: Arto Mylläri, Istekki

THROUGH ISLET BINOCULARS: ARTO MYLLÄRI, DESIGNER, ISTEKKI   I am born and bred in Kuopio and mainly spend my free time at my summer cottage. Some of my hobbies are photography and information technology. I have also been getting familiar with 3D printing....

ISLETTER HIGHLIGHT: Marko Tuomela, Servica Oy

THROUGH ISLET BINOCULARS: MARKO TUOMELA, LOGISTICS MANAGER, SERVICA OY   Tell us a little bit about yourself I live with my family in Siilinjärvi. Up until now, my spare time has been mostly spent with the hobbies of my three children. Now that the eldest...


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