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Islet joins the best-in-class SAP Cloud Partner Alliance

Islet joins the best-in-class SAP Cloud Partner Alliance

ACLOUDSTER is the International Alliance of Best-In-Class Cloud SAP Partners. The alliance consists of the most successful SAP partners in their respective regions, who join ACLOUDSTER to provide global implementation and support services to SAP Business ByDesign...

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VR took SAP to public cloud successfully

VR took SAP to public cloud successfully

VR Group carried out a system renewal, in which their SAP business application was transferred to Amazon Web Services platform. The aim of the project was to carry out the reform on a fast schedule, without compromising business operations. The project brought about...

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Niko Hirvonen

IT NEVER GETS EASIER, YOU JUST GET BETTER Niko is an easy-going North Karelian, whose feet are firmly on our island. Niko has a pragmatic way to face challenges, as well as an unyielding character that roots from his long competitive sports background. Niko also has...

Jenni Leiponen

READY TO GO THE EXTRA MILE Jenni brings a warm and positive breeze to our island. She has a diverse background in logistics, sales, marketing, product management and customer service. Jenni is genuine and friendly, and her smile catches on. Jenni has a real desire to...

Ville Manninen

DRIVE FOR IMPROVEMENT Ville comes from the pine forests and shores of Central Finland, and via Ireland, England and Germany he ended up in the Finnish capital region. Ville is an experienced SAP Logistics veteran and Islet’s leading consultant with diverse experience...

Ilkka Ellilä

TRUST ME, I KNOW WHAT I'M DOING Ilkka is the survivor of our island. He would survive on our island without equipment, food and drink, coming up with a solution to every challenge. There has not yet been a problem that Ilkka could not solve. When the waves rise and...

Mikko Anttila

PUTTING PIECES TOGETHER Mikko is a happy multitalent who just smiles at the changing weather and extreme conditions of the archipelago. When in a tight spot, he takes ownership and always gives his all on behalf of the team and the client. Behind Mikko's calm...



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