VR Group carried out a system renewal, in which their SAP business application was transferred to Amazon Web Services platform. The aim of the project was to carry out the reform on a fast schedule, without compromising business operations. The project brought about an acute need for a qualified and experienced Project Manager as well as a Test & Integration Manager.

At Islet VR found experienced SAP experts who fit well into the needed roles and were able to start at short notice. Just two weeks after the first contact, the Isletters began their work on VR’s system reform project. The Isletters were well received by the project team as part of their work community. The cooperation went smoothly, although using external experts to lead and guide VR’s own project team was a new experience for VR.



The roles of Project Manager and Test & Integration Manager required diverse experience in supporting project contract negotiations and project management, including project management (tools and models), project planning and implementation, and reporting.

The system reform was successfully completed, on schedule and on budget. VR and other project stakeholders were very satisfied, and thanks to the experience VR was able to expand its project management toolkit.

I was impressed with Isletters’ professionalism, project management skills and methodology. They were very experienced, had excellent communication skills and our team welcomed them warmly straight away. The project management models and tools provided by Islet were also an essential part of project communication and implementation for delivering the project on time and on budget. We are happy to recommend Islet.

Rainer Lehtinen

Service Manager, VR Group

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VR Group is a responsible travel, logistics and maintenance service company. Their annual turnover is about one billion euros and the Group employs about 6,000 professionals in various fields. VR is owned by the Finnish state and operates mainly in Finland but also abroad, especially in Russia.


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ISLET Insourcing service provides a suitable and competent Isletter for customer at short notice. Islet’s experts are adapted to projects based on customer needs and wishes, and we have available experts with more than 20 years of systems and industry experience.


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