Islet’s Data and Analytics team has achieved the prestigious Microsoft Specialization status for “Analytics on Microsoft Azure”. This status is earned, not given, and is a sign of a company that not only understands Microsoft’s offerings in depth but can also implement them to achieve tangible business results.


Understanding the Microsoft Specialization Status

The Microsoft Specialization status is a recognition conferred upon a selected few partners demonstrating deep knowledge, extensive experience, and proven success in specific technical areas. More than just a badge of honor, it signifies that the holder has passed a series of stringent technical assessments, employee certification requirements, and rigorous customer success story checks. The Microsoft Specialization status is a testament to Islet’s capability to deliver high-quality solutions in a specific solution area.

This achievement firmly positions us among the very few companies in Finland to have attained this distinguished status. It demonstrates our proficiency and specialization in the rapidly advancing field of cloud-based analytics.
Janne Anttila

Chief Business Officer, Data & Analytics, Islet Group


Importance of the Microsoft Specialization Status for “Analytics on Azure”

 By achieving the Microsoft Specialization status for Analytics on Azure, Islet has proven its ability to provide outstanding solutions in complex data environments, utilizing the full capabilities of the Microsoft Azure platform.

Analytics on Azure comprises a suite of powerful services that provide rich insights through data visualization, advanced analytics, and AI helping businesses make informed decisions quickly and more accurately. Our specialization status confirms that we possess the skills and knowledge to effectively leverage these tools, driving transformational outcomes for our clients.

The importance of this specialization status extends beyond our company. It assures our clients of our expertise, commitment, and capacity to deliver cutting-edge analytics solutions on the Azure platform. It signifies that we are not only service providers, but strategic partners who understand our clients’ unique challenges and can guide them on the path to digital transformation.



Standing Tall Among Finnish Peers

In Finland, only a handful of companies have attained the Microsoft Specialization status for Analytics on Azure. This achievement strengthens our reputation as leaders in the field and differentiates us in a market where technical expertise and proven success are critical factors for business success.

To our clients, this achievement communicates our unique value proposition: not only do we offer unparalleled technical expertise, but we also understand the nuances of the Finnish market, thus providing locally relevant solutions.

Looking Ahead

As we celebrate this milestone, we remain committed to driving innovation in the cloud analytics space. We will continue to invest in our capabilities, striving for excellence and continuously improving our services to meet and exceed our clients’ evolving needs.

This achievement is not an endpoint, but rather a stepping stone to delivering more advanced, efficient, and effective analytics solutions on the Azure platform. We are excited about the journey ahead and look forward to leveraging our Microsoft Specialization status for Analytics on Azure to create a significant impact for our clients and the broader industry in Finland and beyond.

To discuss how we could support your company with data and analytics, get in touch:

Tomi Maukonen
Sales Director, Isletter
+358 50 562 2952



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