Known as “builder of the future”, the construction group Sikla designs and builds condominium homes, nursing homes, kindergartens, schools and business premises. The mission of the entire Group is to provide a better user experience and thus, the users of the premises are at the core of the company’s operations. Sikla Group has grown at a rapid pace; so fast that their business systems have not kept up. Therefore, Sikla started looking for a modern ERP solution and a competent partner for its delivery. This builder of the future chose SAP’s cloud-based Business ByDesign solution as their technology and ISLET Group as partner for implementation.


To support our future growth, in 2019 we launched a Sustainable Growth Project, where our goal is to make a big digital leap to streamline our operations. Out of the many alternatives we went through, we chose SAP’s cloud-based ERP solution and partnered with ISLET Group. ISLET radiates experience, professionalism and positive energy.

Janne Nieminen

CEO, Sikla Group

Sikla’s new ERP solution covers human resources, finance, purchasing, sales, production and project business areas. Sikla’s goals for the ERP are knowledge management and fact-based decision-making at all levels of the organization, enabling growth in the future. In addition, scheduling operations and projects through the organization and processes, as well as user-friendliness, were at the heart of technology selection.


Our information systems no longer supported our business. We had several, partly overlapping systems in between which information did not transfer. We started looking for a comprehensive, modern, user-friendly and integrative ERP solution, as well as an experienced partner to complete the project with.
Sami Tissari

IT Director, Sikla Group

Sikla chose ISLET Group as its partner because of its knowledgeable and enthusiastic team. Like Sikla, also ISLET Group offers sustainable solutions and participates in building the society of the future.




Founded in 2007, Sikla is a construction group that builds condominium homes, nursing homes, kindergartens, schools and business premises. Its headquarters are located near Oulu in Tupos, and the prefabricated factory in Liminka. There are also offices in Tampere and Vantaa. The Sikla Group has grown profitably throughout its existence and directly employs approximately 180 people. Sikla is known as a reliable partner whose strength is committed and who has a professional staff throughout the chain, from design to production. At the heart of Sikla’s activities is the user of the space. The Group has set out in its strategy that providing better user experiences is a mission for the entire Group.

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CEO, Isletter
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