In 2015, Bilfinger started the renewal of their enterprise resource planning systems in Scandinavian subsidiaries with a SAP rollout project. In the project, new SAP installations along with new extended functionalities compatible with Bilfinger group were deployed. Project was run internationally from the corporate level. Islet supported Bilfinger Finland in the implementation by providing local understanding along with key and end user support and training.  

Local Islet professionals in an international rollout project facilitated the project realization remarkably efficiently. The communication with Finnish consultants was simple and questions were solved effortlessly without language barriers. Moreover, with the help of Islet, the local needs and special characteristics of Bilfinger Finland were highlighted in the project. These local characteristics would have been less obvious in an international project plan and implementation.  

The realization of the project was efficient and remarkable time savings were achieved since Islet consultants supported Bilfinger’s employees on-site. The co-operation between Islet and Bilfinger was flexible and problem solving was prompt. The broad SAP expertise of Islet consultants enabled Bilfinger to detect the upcoming challenges already in testing phase and made it possible to proactively solve them before implementation.

According to Bilfinger, Islet’s strengths are strong experience of SAP systems and competent consultants. Furthermore, Bilfinger Industrial Services Finland Ltd. recommends using local professionals in global SAP rollout projects to ensure successful implementation.

Islet’s local support and expertise ensured the prompt and timely implementation of our global SAP-rollout project in Bilfinger Finland Arttu Juosila, Controller, Bilfinger Industrial Services Finland Oy

Bilfinger Industrial Services Finland Ltd is a multi-trade service provider for the process industry and a part of global Bilfinger SE Group. Its services include industrial maintenance of logistics facilities and project assignments for different industries.

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