Our mission is to build a sustainable future with advanced technologies together with our customers and partners. We are a trusted and long-term partner for our wide and diverse customer base. We want to be a pioneer in:

  1. Diverse working and thinking in technology world
  2. Stopping the climate change
  3. Succeeding sustainably

Our commitment extends beyond compliance with regulations; we want to lead by example in sustainability.

We engage with our customers, partners, employees, and other stakeholders to understand their environmental concerns and to integrate their perspectives into our decision-making, projects and service portfolio.

In addition, Islet’s Sustainability Strategy and values are communicated regularly to all our employees to maintain high quality service and to ensure operational efficiency and continuous improvement.

Our commitment to environmental management

ISO 14001:2015 environmental management system has been developed and implemented with the above in mind, and all Islet employees and partners are actively involved in the operation and continuous improvement of the environmental management system. Integrated as part of the system are the following tasks:

  • Set environmental, social and operational objectives and ensure the targets are met
  • Implement environmental, social and governance aspects to internal processes and policies
  • Measure effectiveness of our Sustainability Strategy
  • Ensure the optimal use of human and organizational resources
  • Support and encourage continuous lifelong learning

Our value proposition to our customers

  • We collaborate with industry peers, customers and other institutions to collectively advance environmental and social sustainability.
  • We maintain transparent communication regarding our performance, emissions, achievements and challenges, and remain accountable for our actions.
  • We are committed to meet the regulatory norms in all the countries our services are used by our customers.
  • We actively identify and mitigate environmental, social, financial, operational and technological risks across our activities

Our value proposition to our employees

  • We assess and mitigate the negative environmental and social impacts of our operations, products and services.
  • We actively seek out and develop advanced technologies that minimize negative environmental and social impact while maximizing efficiency and effectiveness.
  • We strive to reduce the use of natural resources, energy and materials in our operations, aiming for waste reduction.
  • We empower and educate our employees to contribute to our environmental and social objectives, promoting a culture of environmental and social responsibility and innovation

We strive to ensure the highest quality of our products and services, while taking into consideration the environmental impact of our activities. By integrating these principles into our operations and company culture, we demonstrate our commitment to environmental and social responsibility and contribute to building a more sustainable future for all.

Our motto: We handle all conditions