Innovation and continuous improvement are an important part of Aarnio’s strategy. Therefore, the wholesaler works hard in being in the edge of technological development. By developing its enterprise resource planning and operations, Wihuri Oy Aarnio’s aim is to digitalize their operations and fulfill their customers’ needs with modern service offering. With a version upgrade project realized with ISLET in 2016, Aarnio took an important step towards SAP S/4HANA enterprise resource planning system, which introduces new and innovative functionalities and capabilities. With this step the wholesaler ensures its ability to respond to continuously changing needs in the market.

ISLET was a key partner in the project. Precise and detailed project plan, strong project management and prompt and open communication between different parties resulted in a successful project. The execution was efficient and agreed schedules were followed throughout the whole project timeline. Aarnio chose ISLET as their partner due to Islet’s reliability, commitment, expertise and communication skills. These were tested already before the start of the project and in this way Aarnio made sure to select the right partner for their needs.

According to Aarnio, professional project management and smooth and flexible cooperation are ISLET’s strengths. Moreover, the professional programmers in ISLET Hungary team were valuable key players within the project execution. With the new version of SAP enterprise resource planning system, Aarnio enables the continuous improvement of its performance and future business opportunities created by digitalization. Aarnio warmly recommends ISLET as a partner for this type of projects.

“We executed together with ISLET a successful enterprise resource planning upgrade project where we took a next step towards SAP HANA and it’s new capabilities”, tells Aki Pousar, Development Director of Wihuri Oy Aarnio.

High-quality service and more than a century of tradition have made Wihuri Oy Aarnio one of the largest daily goods wholesale operators in Finland. Aarnio serves customers under the Metro name. Metro’s product selection includes nearly 30 000 products, everything from fresh and frozen foods to industrial foods, alcoholic and brewery beverages as well non-food items. Metro is a nationwide daily goods wholesaler that has a strong local presence with its 25 Cash-and-Carries, nationwide distribution network and a sales organization that covers the whole country and is tailored with the customers’ needs in mind. Metro serves more than 30 000 customers every day and its turnover was approximately 500 million euros in 2014.

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