Microsoft renewed its partnership program from the beginning of October 2022, and Islet is among the first to be certified in two areas of the Azure cloud service: Data & AI and Infrastructure.

For Microsoft partner, fall of 2022 brought along new skill requirements. With the need and supply of cloud services growing at a rapid pace, the competence of partners is even more important. Microsoft has divided its cloud services into six solution areas, and the new Microsoft Cloud Partner Program follows this solution area division. Demonstrating the competence of consultants and experts with Microsoft certificates is a key factor in the new partnership model.

Microsoft partners can certify themselves in one or more of the following areas:

  • Data & AI (Azure)
  • Infrastructure (Azure)
  • Digital & App Innovation (Azure)
  • Modern Work
  • Security
  • Business Applications

During the last year alone, our data and analytics team completed more than 30 certifications, constantly updating their know-how. I can be extremely proud of our highly certified Isletters who are able to serve our customers better by offering a wide range of application development services and integrations of different solutions.

Janne Anttila

Chief Business Officer, Data & Analytics, Islet Group

Read more about Islet’s data and analytics services.

If you want to discuss how we can support your company with data and analytics, please contact:

Tomi Maukonen

Sales Director – Data & Analytics, Isletter

+358 50 562 2952 

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