Modern data platform solutions in the cloud enable the development of analytics and AI to support business operations. Advanced visualization tools help you create summarized views that reduce manual work and decision-making is based on knowledge.

Islet provides services for all stages of data and analytics solutions, from strategy creation to definition, design, support for technology choices, and of course technical implementation and proactive maintenance services, all boosted with cutting edge AI solutions. 


Janne Anttila

Janne Anttila
CBO Data and Analytics, Isletter
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Data consulting

Our consultants are experienced, insightful, and bold – they help you understand the current state of your organization from outside the box and create a concrete road map to navigate towards goals. For years our team has been producing data consulting services for the largest companies, SMEs and several public sector organisations in Finland.

We bring you an expert insight and assessment of the current state, we can perform a health check (or audit) on your current solutions, submit a concrete plan for moving to the cloud with cost estimates, define the target status of your organisation’s knowledge management, or create a comprehensive data strategy to support development.

At the core of our data consulting services are concreteness and technology independence. We are not messengers of any single technology, nor do we leave our work to an abstract level or present overly detailed technical nonsense. We take into account the big picture, while not forgetting the essential nuances, and produce you feasible plans, roadmaps and content definitions with professionalism and experience.

We are technology and product independent, so you can count on the fact that there is no hidden agenda behind our ideas and suggestions. As a result of years of work, we have been refined our ready methodologies, material bases and tools that enable straightforward and cost-effective assignments.

Our data consulting services have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, the price is typically fixed and the assignment is invoiced only after the approved delivery.

Data strategy

A typical goal of a strategy project is to create a data strategy or analytics/BI strategy for the client. The strategy includes an analysis of the current state, a concrete description of the target state, a plan to achieve it, essential alternative technology scenarios compared, architectural descriptions and a roadmap/projection. The strategy takes a stand not only on architecture and technical solutions, but also on organisational structure, as well as operations/processes. In addition, developing the customer’s services can be viewed using data.

Health check

In the health check (audit), we will review your current solution from different perspectives. The end result will be a concrete list of proposed modifications and repairs related to the different areas of the solution.

Rescue service

Rescue services are called in when the situation is unclear, or your development project has already hit the rocks. We quickly make a rescue plan to correct the course, including a concrete action plan, scheduling, projection and cost estimate.

Technology evaluation

Technology evaluation can include the entire data platform solution or one part of it, such as an analytics/visualization solution. Typically, the service is used to determine what would be the best tool or technology scenario for your organization. The service creates a concrete comparison with a score and emphasis on the essentials for the client. The final report enables either piloting / Proof-of-Concept project to start with specific technologies, or to make the technology decision and start development.

In addition to these, we deliver various customized assignments.


Pre-Packaged services

Islet offers customers packaged services for the most basic consulting assignments, as well as for speeding up the implementation of solutions. Packaged services are available to customers at a fixed price, but also fully customizable on a case-by-case basis.


Data and analytics services

Our services include designing and implementing the entire analytics solution, from integrations to data platform, as well as analytics and visualizations. We produce smooth system integrations with popular tools and technologies, design and implement data platforms and repository that serve as a strong bedrock for knowledge management and enable the development of innovative business solutions. From concept modelling to raw technical implementation work.

Transferring and storing data never brings value as such, but you need to use modern tools to create visual experiences, whether they are comprehensive solutions for different user groups or roles, different dashboards related to themes, or individual reports. We implement solutions with leading technologies such as Microsoft, Aecorsoft, Snowflake, Databricks, ADE, AWS, DBT, Qlik, Tableau and SAP

We offer comprehensive data and analytics services using state-of-the-art tools like the Microsoft Power Platform and Power BI. Microsoft Power Platform is a robust suite of business applications that allows users to analyze data, automate processes, create virtual agents, and build solutions that solve real business problems. It’s a game-changer for businesses looking to digitize their operations and gain valuable insights from their data.

Power BI, part of the Microsoft Power Platform, is a business analytics tool offering insights for swift, informed decisions. It enables users to create their own reports and dashboards through interactive visualizations, promoting a self-service approach to business intelligence. This empowers all decision-makers to utilize data for strategic choices, cultivating a data-driven business culture.

Recently Microsoft released a new SaaS-based analytics platform called Microsoft Fabric. Under the same SaaS service, you can now find everything related to data and analytics needs from data integration to its modification, storage, and reporting, as well as machine learning and AI tools. At Islet, we have been implementing Data Lakehouse architectures for a long time instead of traditional data warehouses. We have developed generic, repeatable models and libraries for the efficient implementation of the Medallion architecture and use Delta Lake as the data storage format. Microsoft Fabric brings many new possibilities and features for building the data platform and utilizing data. Read our blog about Fabric.


Business applications

Islet offers low-code business applications for various different use cases, including master/reference data management, business process specific applications and write-back solutions with Power BI.

We focus on Power Platform, including Power Apps, Power Automate and Copilot Studio to create intelligent solutions to our customers. We combine Power Platform, Azure OpenAI Service and other modern services to deliver cutting edge generative AI solutions to our customers.


Application management services

Islet offers its customers continuous services (AMS) for the monitoring, maintenance, and support of solutions. Our continuous services scale according to our customers’ technical environment, their own resources, BI and analytics strategy, and business priorities. Customers have several different service levels to choose from, ensuring a suitable option for organizations and solutions of all sizes.

Our service model utilizes Islet’s internal standard methods and tools for process and service optimization and automation. We always use global standards and best practices in our services.

A typical continuous service includes proactive monitoring, extremely fast response times in disruption situations, and an agile and flexible cooperation model. Within the scope of continuous service, we typically also do minor solution development and preventive maintenance/cost optimization.

Continuous services cover all the most popular data and analytics technologies, including Microsoft Azure / Power Platform / SQL Server, Snowflake (AWS and Azure), AWS, Tableau, Agile Data Engine, TimeXtender, Qlik, Aecorsoft, and several SAP tools.