Health check is used to review and evaluate your current Azure (or SQL Server/Hybrid) analytics solution from different perspectives and provide concrete action plan to make it future-proof

Islet has designed an action plan for reviewing and evaluating its customers’ current Microsoft Azure analytics solution with the help of the Azure Analytics Health Check. The assessment is based on best practices, reference architectures and Microsoft’s Cloud Adaptation Framework. The goal is to ensure that the solution is future-proof, serving as the foundation for your journey towards becoming a data-driven organization.

ISLET – AZURE ANALYTICS HEALTH CHECK is recommended to all organizations – primarily focused on IT department or business stakeholders – who have concerns or issues with their current Azure analytics solution, or hybrid solutions including on-premises legacy. Health check provides value even when there are no clear issues yet, but organizations want to ensure that the foundation for their data estate is future proof.

In the assessment, the current Microsoft Azure data and analytics solution (or parts of it, including possible legacy on-premises SQL Server solutions) will be reviewed from different perspectives. The outcome is a concrete list of proposed changes and improvements related to the various aspects of the solution, compared to best practices.

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You can also find our solution from the Microsoft AppSource service.


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