Advanced workshop for selecting the best practice approach to ingest SAP data into Azure based data platform

Islet has designed an “SAP data ingest to Azure data platform” workshop for organizations already using the SAP ERP system and planning to integrate their data into the Azure platform. The workshop also provides guidance for companies facing challenges in integrating SAP (ECC / S/4HANA) data into modern data platform on Azure.

With over 25 years of solid experience in various SAP systems and decades of expertise of our data and analytics experts, Islet can help customers create smart, future-proof, and cost-effective solutions. Our team has vast experience in SAP integrations, including all the standard interfaces provided by SAP, SAP BW, data retrieval directly from the SAP database, and leading third-party integration software. We have successfully converted numerous SAP systems to the S/4HANA world, migrating and operating them in the Microsoft Azure cloud.

During the workshop, Islet experts will be available to answer questions such as:

  • Can we use Azure Data Factory HANA connector?
  • Should we utilize a third-party tool like Aecorsoft?
  • Should we ingest data from SAP tables, extractors or via functional modules?
  • Do we need SAP BW for all of this?

and much more.

By the end of the session, participants will have a clear understanding of the relevant options to integrate SAP data into the Azure based data platform along with the pros/cons specific to their unique environment and initial architecture and deployment plan.​

Download a brochure and get to know the schedule in more detail:


You can also find our solution in the Microsoft AppSource service.


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