As part of the long lasting cooperation between Islet and Transmeri Group, Islets Data & Analytics team developed a solution for calculating and reporting carbon emissions. The new application combines the viewpoints of responsibility and data-driven decision making and thus supports Transmeris sustainability efforts. To both companies involved, data-driven decision making and sustainable development are important and shared values and themes that shine through and guide in their actions and company culture every day.

Transmeri Group, founded in 1928, is a Finnish family company that specializes in manufacturing, importing and wholesaling consumer goods and cosmetic products in Finland and in the Baltics. Responsibility has been one of the companys values since the very beginning, but in recent years it has been lifted as one of the main focus points from the corporate governance to the daily business operations.

Sustainability has always been one of the cornerstones of Islets identity. Since the generational change in the family business in 2015, the role of sustainability has only grown bigger with the investments and efforst including the annual #IsletgoesItämeri-campaign, cooperation with the Women code -movement and many others. Still, to help its customers to advance their sustainability efforts and reach their sustainability goals by offering competence and new technologies has a special importance to Islet.

The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals provides the framework to both Islet Groups and Transmeri Groups sustainability work. In Transmeri Groups sustainability program, there are three focus areas and goals for the coming years: 8 – Decent Work and Economic growth, 13 – Climate action and 17 – Partnerships.

Carbon neutrality is the most important one of Transmeri Groups strategic sustainability themes. According to their goal, Transmeri aims to be carbon neutral on their buildings, mobility and transportation by 2030. To speed up the process of reaching this goal, Transmeri and Islet combined their forces and developed an emission calculation and reporting app. With the app, Transmeri is able to collect, measure, analyze and report data related to their emissions in a faster and easier way. Based on the visualized data, they can make informed decisions if needed and actions to further their sustainability goals.

To us the corporate responsibility is taking care of people and the environment together with out partners. Also from that angle we’re really excited about this co-innovation project with Islet. We’re very happy with both the solution as the end-result and the cooperation with Islet during this project. Shared values and a long, well-functioning cooperation were a great base for this project.

Kimmo Koho

Chief Information & Sustainability Officer, Transmeri Group

The solution is based on the commonly used Greenhouse Gas aka the GHG-Protocol developed to measure the environmental impact of different subjects. The app is powered by Microsoft Power Platform technologies. It converts the given data from different emission sources to one, uniform unit. By doing so, it makes it possible to count the emissions from for example vehicles and buildings, or any other direct or indirect emission sources (Scope 1, 2 & 3) together and to report them easily and in a comparable form.

As part of the implementation, the app was integrated to Transmeri’s existing data platforms and reporting and visualization tool Microsoft PowerBI that was also already being used at Transmeri prior to the project. Thanks to the integrations, the data management, reporting and analyzing related to emissions is kept as easy and straight forward as possible using the same tools. The solution was also branded according to the Transmeri Group brand.

It is always rewarding to help customers develop their tools and processes to advance data-driven decision making but especially when we can simultaneously contribute to customers reaching their sustainability goals. It’s great to notice how much the solution has already streamlined the processes related to emission data management and reporting. I strongly believe we can continue innovating together and introduce new use cases for the app in addition to the predefined and existing ones.

Janne Anttila

Chief Business Officer, Data & Analytics, Islet Group

Islet Group has packaged the Microsoft qualified emission app for easy implementation for any organization. The app brings efficiency to collecting and reporting the emission data and allows to report and share the results digitally in visualized form.

To hear more about the app, please contact Janne:

Janne Anttila
CBO – Data and Analytics, Isletter
+358 45 672 8569

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