Best-Hall is a Finnish company specialized in designing and constructing different types of hall buildings. Their halls are used in many different fields, for example in logistics & warehousing industries, but also as facilities in production related industrial use cases or various types of freetime activities. Best-Hall had a growing need to start developing a new and more modern solution for data utilization. They also had built a strong desire to take information management in the organization to a new level as a whole. Islet was selected as a partner in the project to find the best possible technological solution for Best-Hall that would meet both the company’s current and future needs. In addition, the goal was to generate immediate business benefits.

In the initial situation, the information in the company was fragmented and many were affected by lack of transparency. Reporting was largely done through manual work in various Excel sheets. Different kinds of additional reporting tools were used in different parts of the organization. However, they were not in wide use and the entity did not serve the users optimally. At Best-Hall, the need was clearly identified for a data platform that would bring together the information and serve different business areas and their needs in a diverse and near real-time manner.

Best-Hall’s new data architecture implemented by Islet was designed to cover all future needs flexibly, regardless of data volumes and business needs. The cost-effective data and analytics solution bases on a data platform implemented on top of Microsoft’s Azure cloud service and an integrated Power BI reporting tool. The solution utilizes Synapse Analytics. Its architecture is based on Islet’s Azure reference architecture, which follows Microsoft’s Cloud Adaptation Framework (CAF), industry best practices, and Islet’s long experience with Azure-based data platforms.


We have been very pleased to be working with Islet. Islet’s professional, genuine and experienced team has done a great job, staying within the promised budget and schedule. The end result forms a great basis for further development of Best-Hall’s information management, and we will continue receiving even more business benefits from the solution as we go forward in the future.

Mats Holm

CFO & HR Manager, Best-Hall Oy

The main focus of the project was to develop the utilization and transparency of information related to production and projects in particular. The fast business benefits were produced by introducing various visualization packages which streamlined the day-to-day operations and provided the users different kinds of snapshots of operations.

Immediately after its introduction, the solution was found to already have significantly clarified situational awareness in Best-Hall’s production. The massice traffic of calls and e-mails previously associated with mapping the status of projects has been significantly reduced with the solution – and thus also the time and effort spent on them. Today, the necessary information is transparently and simultaneously available to all necessary persons through a single tool, in a clear and visualized form. The solution serves as the core for Best-Hall’s data architecture and works as a scalable and customizable foundation for expanding data utilization in the future.

The cooperation with Best-Hall has been really easy and nice, a real partnership. Our companies share a deep level of customer centricity and a strong professionalism of our teams. I am really glad that we have been able to help Best-Hall lay the foundations for developing their business intelligence and information management. The cooperation will continue by bringing in new applications, as well as maintaining and developing the entity in accordance with the wishes of the users and serving the company’s strategy.

Janne Anttila

Chief Business Officer, Data & Analytics, Islet Group

Best-Hall Oy, originally from Kokkola, Finland, was founded in 1975. Best-Hall supports its customers with designing, building and maintenance work of halls. In addition, the company provides financial services: a hall can also be acquired under a lease or a leasing agreement. In 2020, Best-Hall’s turnover was approximately 41 million euros and it had a little over 130 employees.


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