In the sudden lack of resources, it can be challenging to find skilled people quickly. We bring a suitable and competent Isletter to help you with situations where the undisturbed continuity of your business needs to be ensured. Based on your needs and wishes, we have top experts with over 20 years of system and industry experience.

Gain access to necessary resources quickly: At best, the Isletters have started work at our client within a week from the first contact. You can flexibly choose the time period you need, and it can vary from a few weeks to several months. The period of service can always be extended according to your needs.

Janina Luoto
CEO, Isletter
+358 40 574 1266


Our architects are experienced and customer-oriented business, information, solution, technology and data & analytics architects. They are able to describe the customer’s problems not only from a business point of view, but also as technical solutions. We are able to provide complete architecture services from one place. We are fluent in discussing the customer’s business and how the business can be developed using the latest technology. Whether you’re looking for an architect with a strong software development, integration, business process or data & analytics background – our experienced Isletters can help.


Project managers

Our project managers navigate your important projects to shore according to your goals. Our extensively tested project models bring clarity and straightforwardness to implementation of projects. Our approach is direct and our model ensures continuous transparency in the state of the project.

Project manager, Scrum Master – Overall responsibility for pushing through the project or acting as Scrum Master, either according to the customer’s existing practices or by making Islet’s best practice models and methodology available to the customer.

Setting up Project management office (PMO) – Coaching and guiding the client’s PMO responsible person for the role. Creating tools and templates to take projects forward transparently, with unified management models, and to bring the statuses of all projects together in a straightforward and up-to-date manner.

Quality and health check service – We validate project plans, schedule and practices, give concrete suggestions to reverse your project and guarantee quality. If you wish, we can also support you in getting the project on the right course.

Coaching – Hands-on coaching of customer’s project managers, improving existing project management practices and templates.

Project responsible, Project management Lead – Overall responsibility for pushing through complex projects and being the leader of the project managing unit, either according to the customer’s existing practices or by making Islet’s best practice models and methodology available to the customer.

Project launch – Our project launch service ensures that the planning and preparation phases of your project have been carried out with care and professional methods, ensuring that all important aspects have been taken into account for successful implementation. We provide practical support to your project manager, enabling efficient project management. This service is especially useful for very complex large projects and if your project manager doesn’t have much experience yet.

Agile projects – We validate your project and propose a suitable agile method and approach based on project’s nature, resources and level of expertise. As an option, we also offer a roadmap – how to build agile project capabilities in your organization sustainably.

Project coordinator– An experienced and organized project coordinator may be your salvation in pushing through a project when the project manager does not have all the working time to promote the project. You can delegate either the coordination work, communication, and material preparation for the entire project, or alternatively take additional hands for work-intensive steps such as testing and commissioning or data harmonization. It’s not a good idea to put a project at stake because you don’t have enough resources to coordinate your project’s tasks.


Master Data management

Data Lead – Data Lead is an Isletter that serves as your internal resource in your project, taking over all the Master Data needed for your project. Data Lead either customizes your already existing data bases or provides Islet templates and procedures.

Data Governance – Data governance is a multi-step process, which is why our service covers Master Data coaching and approach at the beginning of your project, data management at the project implementation stage, data creation process, data editing process and/or data-related coaching in your project or maintenance, according to your needs.

Data Quality Analytics – We help your organization validate the data quality of selected data objects and the quality of business and technical information. We also help you identify no longer available information (obsolete or duplicate). We develop and help define data quality approaches for your organization.

Strategy Driven Data Maintenance – Strategy-based definition of item data parameters and data maintenance. With our service, you can get high-quality information for business needs despite complex and large amounts of data, and you can manage your data and ensure its quality.

Data Migration Specialist – Our expert is the project resource that retrieves information from the source systems and exports it to the desired system. If you wish, we will also create tools for you to retrieve and export information.

Data Archiving – We monitor your outdated data and determine which of your data objects can be archived. We also carry out the filing.

Data Quality Maintenance – We help you build automated basic data maintenance processes and tools. Our service defines the necessary step together with your business and IT department based on the conclusions of the data quality survey.


Key and end users

If you’re looking for a temporary resource for your organization to make up for a resource gap in your project or due to backlogged business, we’d be happy to help. Typical situations where our temporary assistance has been needed include, for example, congested customer service, financial closing time, an overloaded expert in your team due to a larger project or several simultaneous projects, or even focusing on starting a new business in your organization. In all these situations, it is of paramount importance that the business is run as desired, and the lack of resources does not cause overload or problems for customers. We have helped our customers extensively in areas such as finance, procurement, sales, customer service, supply chain management, production, inventory, Master Data and testing.


Testers and testing managers

One of the most important steps in every technology project is testing. Whether it’s unit testing, integration testing, smoke testing, performance testing, acceptance testing, interface testing or any other stage of testing. Our experienced Isletters have worked as test managers, commissioning managers and testers in numerous customer projects.


Tendering and procurement services and consultants 

Tendering is key to successfully identifying the needs for project use and further development. We have helped both private sector companies and public sector organizations with competitive tendering. Our service covers identifying needs and creating tendering materials, making supplier listings, bidding, coordinating the selection process and creating extensive selection criteria and evaluating suppliers accordingly in different areas. Our services also include support in contract negotiations, ensuring that everything relevant is taken into account and agreed in writing. We also provide quality assurance for situations where the procurement process has started and you want to ensure that everything necessary has been taken into account. In Data and Analytics area we also make comprehensive technology evaluations.


Developing and developers

Islet has numerous experienced developers and extensive expertise in various types of development projects. If you need a temporary developer for your team, you’re looking for expanding business logic or building an entire app, we’re here to help you. Our developers have extensive knowledge of different technologies and code languages. Integrations are our specialty. We also deliver mobile solutions from user interface design to implementation.