In moments of sudden resource need, it can be challenging to find the right people fast. We rapidly deliver a dedicated Isletter to you in order to ensure that your business stays on its course.

ISLET’s specialists have, for instance, worked as project managers in demanding development undertakings and also as testers, documentation specialists, end-users, IT support and in various tasks in deployment support for internally run projects. Selecting an Isletter is always based on your needs and wishes. Our talent pool consists of junior level specialists for daily operations to senior specialists with over 20 years of system and industry experience.

We ship our ISLET’s specialists to you even in the tightest of schedules with possible deliveries already within a week. You can flexibly choose the needed period for Isletter specialist ranging from a few weeks to several months. The period can always be extended based on your needs.

Janina Luoto
CEO, Isletter
+358 40 574 1266


Isletter helps in Ardex’s system renewal

  Watch from the video how ISLET helped Ardex in their enterprise resource planning implementation project. The video is in Finnish.   Interviewee: Sirpa Nikkonen, financial manager, Ardex   Interviewer: Karoliina Luhanka, Isletter, Islet Group   Read also...

Ardex counts on Isletter to your team Insourcing service

Describe your baseline at the verge of system renewal. Why did you go in for the renewal? The decision to implement Nordic countries to SAP was done at corporation level to consolidate operations. All Nordic countries, Danish, Sweden and Finland were implemented to...