In 2016, Transmeri had a sudden temporary need for SAP professionals because of sudden employee changes. Islet’s two SAP professionals worked as full-time team members at Transmeri in IT support and customer service team for several months. Islet’s SAP professionals started with short notice, just two weeks after the first contact was made.  

Strong SAP knowledge was a crucial requirement for Transmeri. Their SAP solution covers a wide range of areas from warehouse management to financial accounting and therefore, it is not easy to find competent professionals with short notice. Islet was a natural choice as a partner. Transmeri was able to rely on the competence of Islet professionals because of their strong SAP experience.

The most important advantages Transmeri achieved was the continuity of business processes, certainty of team members competence and opportunity to focus on finding a permanent solution. Time savings from employee training were remarkable since Islet’s professionals were able to start working immediately. Moreover, Islet’s professionals brought up new ideas for the development and use of current system while working as full-time team members.

According to Transmeri, Islet’s strengths are deep knowledge of SAP processes and functionalities, flexibility, professionalism and communication. For example, the agreed time period was extended effortlessly. Communication with Islet has been seamless and discussions about technical subjects have been practical. If similar situations occur, Transmeri is very likely to use Islet’s Insourcing services again.

We got Islet’s competent SAP professional to strengthen our team in a sudden situation of resource loss, in less than two weeks from our first contact Saila Pitkäjärvi, Customer Service Manager, Transmeri Logistics

Transmeri is a Finnish family business with approximately 540 employees and has long traditions in cosmetics and consumer goods imports, marketing and production. The group consists of importer and marketer Oy Transmeri Ab, contract producer Transmeri Logistics, and subsidiaries Banmark, Sultrade and Miraculous.


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