A well-designed user experience guides users to benefit from the full potential of your business systems in their daily work. We offer agile user experience development services that increase your organisation’s efficiency and create a competitive edge. Our services cover the entire lifecycle of user experience development, starting with your business needs and ending with technical deployment. With our user-oriented approach, we identify elements that add value and further highlight them when implementing the user experience.

The implementation of the solutions we offer is based on SAP Fiori, HTML5 and Screen Personas technologies. The solution is independent of the backend system, so it connects to any ERP system in addition to SAP. SAP Fiori user interfaces are visually pleasing, consistent, scalable for different devices and promote efficient data processing.

Antti Louhi
UX Lead, Isletter
+358 44 574 1310

UI design

With user experience design, you increase the value experienced by the customer and improve the efficiency of the operations. Designing is a basis for the user experience, which is why it is a very important part of the overall process towards better user experiences. Islet’s user experience team is always focusing on users. We carry out comprehensive, human-like design that is implemented using agile methods, accelerating the digitalization of the customer and increasing the transparency and efficiency of the operations.


Validating agile UX

Our services include design sprints, conceptualization, user interviews, business planning, service design, prototyping, concept verification and piloting. Rapid prototyping helps you understand the most important uses of the service and the elements superior user experience comes from. The verification of the concept functionality tests the feasibility of the user experience with agile methods. It also provides valuable information about the needs of use and reduces risks in the project itself. The pilot can be used to test the development of the user experience and the usability of the user interface to suit their purpose. We always start from the customer’s and users’ needs and agree on a suitable approach based on it.


Fiori Factory

Fiori Factory is our productised model to deliver better user experiences – from user interface design to implementation. No matter how turbulent or diverse your challenge is – we tackle it open-mindedly and navigate it towards a calm, clear and intuitive outcome. Our ready project methodologies, templates and tools enable straightforward and cost-effective assignments. As a result, you will gain genuine, clear and concrete business benefits, next to boosting your employee and customer satisfaction.