A well designed user experience will guide end-users to take full advantage of business systems in their daily work.

We offer agile user experience design and development services that increase your organization’s efficiency and competitive advantage. We cover the entire life cycle of user experience design from understanding your business needs to technical deployment. With a user-centered approach, we underline elements that bring added value and highlight them even more when designing user experience.

Our user experience solutions are based on SAP Fiori and HTML5 technologies. Our SAP solutions are independent from back-end systems therefore compatible with other ERP solutions. SAP Fiori user interfaces are visually pleasant, consistent, scalable across devices and encourage efficient data handling.

Janina Luoto
CEO, Isletter
+358 40 5741266


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Servica optimized order processing with mobile user interface

In 2017, Servica implemented a new mobile user interface for order processing that was developed by Islet. This UI5 technology based application, independent of the device type, replaced procurement system and barcode reader devices which were at the end of their...

Servica increased the warehouse picking performance by 25 %

Kuopio City, the health care district of Northern Savonia and Servica have been active users of SAP Enterprise Resource Planning systems for many years. Islet is in charge of the SAP system maintenance and continuous development. When Servica’s functional development...

ABB Drives counts on Islet in their SAP system development

ABB runs SAP enterprise resource planning systems broadly in their operations. ABB and Islet have jointly developed the system in different fields since the year 2013. In addition to projects, ABB and Islet are continuously doing small scale development on ABB’s SAP...