Say goodbye to manual expense reporting and lost receipts. By automating and integrating expense management, you can capture spending from multiple sources, plan and make spending decisions based on accurate data, reimburse employees more quickly, and simplify the expense reporting process for everyone. All travel and expense management data is viewable in one place in real time. Solution settings are configurable to your business needs. Spending policies are easy to enforce and track and the solution guides the user. Receipts and process reports are automatically captured.

SAP Concur solutions integrate with most ERP, CRM, HR and accounting systems. By connecting the solution to existing systems, you combine expense data, speed up processes, and get an accurate, more real-time view of your finances.

The cloud solution enables easy and cost-effective start-ups. SAP continuously brings new innovations to the solutions and ensures the maintenance and legality of the system.

SAP Concur is a scalable solution – as your business grows, it grows with you. We help prepare for the future with confidence.

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Concur Expense

Concur Expense simplifies the processes of managing travel and expense invoices, making the whole process digital, fast, and accurate. The solution reduces the need to manually enter manual, and the costs of processing reimbursements of expenses can be significantly reduced. The Concur® mobile app enables employees to manage travel and expenses quickly and easily on the move.

When expenses go digital, managers can access them anywhere at any time. Finance can also see all the open but unapproved expenses in the system, giving them visibility of their upcoming cash flow.

Using an automated solution enables you to quickly update your policies when necessary or flag exceeded spend thresholds to employees.

Concur Invoice

Automate AP management to be more efficient, increase profitability, and get more visibility into spending.

Vendor payments can impact profitability just as much as revenue. By digitalizing purchase requests and orders management and automating the verification and approval of invoices, your business can get more visibility into spending, reduce tedious tasks, and improve your bottom line. With Concur Invoice, you manage costs, increase compliance, and reduce the risk of fraud.

Concur Travel

Simplify travel management by allowing employees to book business trips independently, at the best prices, in accordance with expense instructions and within the framework of existing contracts. SAP Concur solution and integrated extensive travel supplier network help create an automated travel management system to help your organization achieve its travel and expense goals.

Concur Travel stores travel information regardless of where it is booked. It allows you to view travel information in one dashboard. Book air, train, or car trips and hotel nights easily with one online booking tool. Make it easy for employees to follow policies and give them the freedom to book trips themselves.

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