Employees and employee experiences are at the center of modern organization’s strategy, same way as customers and customer experience. Employee experience is a combination of interactions with other employees, processes and technologies. With modern and well-implemented solutions, your organization can smoothen the ways of working and offer your employees a seamless and user-friendly user experience throughout the process. To reach this goal, you must evaluate your current solutions and processes – is now the time for change?


Smoother day-to-day

At its’ worst, time & expense reporting can be extremely time-consuming and frustrating for every party involved. Are you aware of how your employees experience your current reporting processes? Maybe there is a need to fasten or smoothen the process. In that case, now is the time to modernize the process and, in turn, better the overall employee experience.

No matter the task, if its’ unnecessarily complicated and/or time-consuming to complete, its’ human nature to push the completion to the last minute. Among other things, this also applies to time and expense reporting. Less than a third of employees would describe their employer’s reporting process as optimal (Empowering your people: How executives can jumpstart the flexible workplace”, Oxford Economics, 2022.). The sense of wasted time leads to stress – whether it’s time spent on locating and processing receipts, writing out descriptions or categorizing events.

With a modern and mobile reporting solution, your employees can document purchase events, including receipts, directly into the system avoiding i.e. printing and scanning. The solution should enable automatic expense breakdowns and categorization to the report, as well as enforce applicable rules and policies to make assure that i.e. taxes are reported correctly. When the reporting process takes place in a guided interface, less time is spend and less mistakes are made when reporting, checking and approving reports.

The endless jungle of rules and policies often offers more confusion than clarity for those navigating in it. With an automatic time & expense reporting solution, your organization can streamline the approval process. This way your employees can have an easier experience whilst still ensuring compliance.


Clarity in processes

SAP Concur Expense reporting solution allows you to minimize the bottlenecks in the the approval process. It’s a widely integrated and modern expense reporting solution, that allows your employee’s to save receipts and form, check and approve expense reports. The solution utilizes a range of automation, i.e. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) -processing, that allows for automatic recognition of spend category, sum and date from the receipt. Users can easily automatically generate template-based expense reports based on the receipt or through manual selection. You can can flexibly define the workflows within the system (i.e. for report checking and approval) optimizing the workflows to better suite your organization’s needs. 

As with many other areas, a key driver in choosing the best system for travel and expense reporting is employee experience.


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