Whether you are our customer, partner, employee we would like to invite you to be a part of our island’s community. You also are Isletter.

We Isletters are genuine and humble, we are not afraid of work. Our island harsh climate has seasoned us. We take on the challenge and survive even when the waves raise high. You recognize us from spark in our eyes and our joyfull red beanies. Isletter’s handshake is firm and invites you for a cup of strong coffee asking – “tell me how it is going and how are you?” In our island the world is a bit further away. On our island, the world is a step away, we have peace and time to face each other and go through what you wait for the future.

Isletter takes long steps by the shore, jumps flexibly from rock to rock, picks up the binoculars and looks far away to the horizon. The wide horizon of the future opens up from our islet, our solutions are sustainable and arctic fresh.