As a result of the cooperation between Islet Group and Pagero, all customers of SAP S/4HANA, Ariba, Business ByDesign and Concur can receive integrated electronic sales and purchase invoicing services from the same partner. Pagero’s Smart Business Network platform connects buyers and sellers, making it easier to exchange invoices and other documents electronically.

Pagero’s automated platform solution, which is compliant with local regulations, is already being used in over 70 markets, by over 12 million businesses. Thanks to the cooperation, Islet’s customers are able to join one of the world’s largest open trading networks that converts source-to-pay, order-to-cash, and transportation processes into an electric form. Pagero’s services increase automation, data accuracy and security, as well as provide transparency and a real-time overview.

As partners, we can offer our customers solutions that help increase automation and thereby make day-to-day operations more efficient. For example, with extensive e-invoice coverage, invoice reconciliation can be significantly increased with good data. Islet Group is an innovative partner looking for new opportunities to grow together with its customers. That’s what we have in common and enables a smooth partnership.

Jenni Lonka

Regional Partner Manager, Pagero

At the core of Islet and Pagero’s cooperation are the electronic receipt of purchase invoices to SAP ERP system and the electronic transmission of sales invoices from the SAP ERP system, as well as the cooperation in merging SAP Ariba and Pagero in digitalizing procurement. Islet has built ready-to-use accelerators for system integrations. Pagero’s selection of services is extensive. Several customers acquire, among other things, a purchase invoice scanning service, automatic reading of row-level data from pdf invoices, and a printing service as part of conversion to electronic invoicing.

For buyers, Pagero provides a Purchase-to-pay purchasing solution that digitalizes and automates document processing. The cost-effective solution eliminates manual labor, increasing control and minimizing errors. With the solution, late fees can be avoided and taking advantage of discounts becomes easier. The use of the solution also improves supplier relationships and has a positive effect on carbon footprint.

For sellers, Pagero’s platform provides Order-to-cash processing services to manage the distribution of customer invoices electronically on the Pagero Network, on time and with the right information. Billing and receipt of payments become faster, saving both time and money. The solution is also compliant with local regulations.

We have had a long-term cooperation with Pagero, and the partnership is a natural continuum to what we offer. Together we help our customers to increase automation, reduce errors, speed up processes cycle time, and increase transparency in end-to-end processes. This enables customers better digitalize their processes more cost-efficiently. We are pleased with the cooperation and are continually deepening it, for example by developing accelerators for integrations.

Tommi Luoto

CTO, Islet Group

The cooperation between Islet and Pagero is beneficial to SAP customers using either SAP S/4HANA solution, SAP Business ByDesign solution, SAP Ariba procurement solution or Concur travel management solution.


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Pagero provides a Smart Business Network that connects buyers and sellers with automated, compliant and secure exchange of orders, invoices, payment instructions, and other business documents. With broad cooperation network and additional applications, Pagero helps businesses to simplify their sales and purchasing processes, while utilizing the full potential of accurate and reliable business data, regardless of location, industry, size or systems.

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