Whether your transition path to S/4HANA is conversion brown, new deployment green, or selective conversion blue, our experienced team will surely and transparently get your organization there. No matter where you are on your journey, we are able to help and secure a safe route to the shore. We control all conditions, both in the cloud and locally.

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Jukka Penttinen
CBO, Business Transformations
+358 40 355 1973

Assessment and roadmapping

Assessment brings clarity to how your organisation should navigate to S/4HANA and implement transformation. You will receive a roadmap from the current situation to S/4HANA and practical transparency on what the transition means, both technically and from a business benefits perspective. The assessment also includes comparison of different transition paths, weekly scheduling proposals and a budget investment plan.


S/4HANA conversion – Brownfield

When the current system meets your business needs and you want to move quickly and with small investments to benefit from S/4HANA’s new, innovative functionalities, conversion is the right way to transform to S/4HANA. We ensure your organisation’s successful conversion from the current SAP ECC environment to the new S/4HANA environment in a transparent and up-to-date manner.


S/4HANA new deployment – Greenfield

Whether you are a new SAP user or your changed business requires a redesign, new deployment provides a logical path to migration to S/4HANA — either on-premise or in the cloud. New deployment will enable process simplification and redesign, driven by the latest innovations. Cloud-based, new deployment also enables fast implementation of business processes with the help of a predefined model company.


S/4HANA selective conversion

Islet’s selective conversion model combines the benefits of conversion and new implementation. The model enables a step-by-step, agile migration – including a proof-of-concept phase if necessary, to reduce migration risks, avoid potential problems in project implementation and engage your key personnel in the project. The operating model includes a technical conversion from the current SAP ECC environment to the new SAP S/4HANA environment, system editing and the migration of selected basic and transaction data.


S/4HANA platform services

Each organisation moving to S/4HANA also faces a comparison of alternative platform solutions. Whether your company has a cloud-enabled IT strategy or not, our experienced Isletters are able to help with comparing options, designing your environment, and implementation. We manage dimensioning, Azure, Google, and AWS cloud platforms, as well as the necessary SAP installation implementation and design.