Our CEO Janina Luoto was interviewed for #mimmitkoodaa-blog series, which sheds light on to the stories of women in the software and technology industry. #mimmitkoodaa (#womencode) is a Finnish movement that aims to inspire women who are interested in software development to start learning to code and to change their career paths towards the industry. Janina wants to encourage other women to do the change with her own example and by sharing her career path.

“The values are everything and sustainability is close to my heart. Technology together with responsible decision making and active actions drive us towards sustainable development. – – What would be more purposeful than solving the world’s biggest problems and helping other industries to automate, develop and drive their business more responsibly and sustainably? Technology industry has all it takes and that’s extremely rewarding.


In Finland, we often stare too closely at formal school degrees and work experience, even if versatile know-how and communication skills would be more crucial. – – Male-dominated technology industry makes it possible for women to stand out in positive way. Encouraging family, close friends and trusted mentors have given Janina an extremely important support along the way. She recommends everyone to surround themselves with people who help them to succeed both by supporting and by challenging along the way.

– – If there’s a will, there’s a way!”


Janina’s interview can be read in full (only in Finnish) from #mimmitkoodaa-blog page. There are also other interesting career stories of women working in tech field. Read more about #mimmitkoodaa-movement (only in Finnish) here.

Janina Luoto, ISLET’s respected leader is made of reliability, vision, interaction skills, professionality and great heart. Get to know her: Isletter | LinkedIn | Twitter

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