Finnish air ventilation equipment manufacturer Enervent Zehnder, part of the Swiss Zehnder Group, wanted to better understand the situation of their business-critical processes. The business processes had not been documented, but the information was with the organization’s employees. Enervent set out to map its processes for a new ERP solution, and thus there was also a need to document and understand their current situation.

“Islet’s solution-oriented thinking, ability to understand our needs, and strong business process expertise convinced us. They offered exactly the kind of service package we needed to map and describe our processes,” says Sonja Häggman, responsible for Enervent’s IT projects and marketing.

Cooperation and its benefits

The cooperation between Islet and Enervent Zehnder progressed when planning began for the implementation of the parent company Zehnder Group’s SAP system for Enervent in Finland. At the same time, an urgent need for a GAP analysis was identified, which required precise process descriptions. Four key process areas – finance, sales, procurement, and production – needed descriptions. Islet’s experts carried out the process mapping and documentation flexibly and efficiently according to Enervent’s wishes.

The goal of the process descriptions was to gain a common understanding between the parent company and Enervent about local processes and to identify possible differences in process execution. In addition, the descriptions made communication and information exchange easier, as the project team members better understood the system’s needs and expectations. The process descriptions also helped to better plan the project implementation, as the GAP analysis could be done more accurately and efficiently.

As a result, Islet provided Enervent with high-level process descriptions as well as more detailed descriptions of process stages. Despite the tight schedule, the project was implemented on time and under the estimated budget. The cooperation was smooth and the feedback on Islet’s experts very positive. The process descriptions helped representatives of the parent company and Enervent’s different business areas to understand business processes more thoroughly from start to finish, to identify bottlenecks and opportunities for efficiency, and to define and identify local business needs, requirements, and special features. In addition, it was possible to identify areas that may pose risks in the project itself.

Results and ongoing cooperation

The results of the collaboration were excellent: Islet’s experts delivered high-quality process descriptions on schedule and within budget. This facilitated Enervent’s parent company’s GAP analysis and resulted in cost savings.

Our cooperation with Islet has been smooth and successful. It has been pleasant to work with Islet’s consultants, and their contribution was crucial to the success of the project.

Sonja Häggman

Head of Customer Excellence, Enervent Zehnder

This positive experience has led to ongoing cooperation. Islet supports Enervent in their SAP rollout project as a local partner, responding to various needs. This is a testament to the satisfaction of both parties with the cooperation and its results.

We are pleased that we have been able to support Enervent in both process mapping and descriptions and in the actual system implementation. The cooperation has been smooth and straightforward.

Jukka Penttinen

CBO, Business Transformations, Islet Group


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Enervent Zehnder is a Finnish company passionate about indoor climate. Enervent has been developing, manufacturing, and marketing energy-efficient solutions that improve indoor climate since 1983, with the mission to help people live and work in a healthy and pleasant indoor environment.

Jukka Penttinen
CBO – Business Transformations, Isletter
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