SAP has introduced SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation functionalities to benefit their Business ByDesign solution using customers. Abbreviated RPA, it is meant for taking over repetitive and time-consuming tasks, thus freeing up employees’ time on other activities adding more value to business. Thanks to automatization, there are also fewer manual mistakes made in the process, human vs. bot.

A good practical example of this is that for many companies, documents like invoices, purchase orders, travel expenses, proof of deliveries usually end up in your inbox as PDFs. Then you must open them, read them, and manually enter all the data into your ERP system. To combat this business challenge of small, time-consuming, administrative tasks, SAP Intelligent RPA offers 6 pre-built and ready to use Bots. These Bots help free up SAP Business ByDesign users’ time towards value-creating tasks, making processes smoother and faster. The bots can be used out-of-box or customized to your needs.

Robotic Process Automation enables data consolidation and manipulation from multiple data sources like Excels, vendor portals and SAP systems. It can execute hundreds of steps a day like copy&paste, data migration or approvals. It is able to access multiple applications such as web apps, ERPs, and non-SAP systems.


With RPA you can simplify your business processes and reduce the manual effort of your employees. 


SAP Best Practices bots ready for service

The six bots available are:

  1. Business Document Extraction from E-Mail
  2. Proof of Delivery Note Upload in the Outbound Delivery and the Invoice
  3. Schedule Report Refresh
  4. Supplier Invoice Upload for Intelligent Invoice Scanning
  5. Sales Order Creation from Local Purchase Order
  6. Account Master Data Enrichment for Document Information Extraction

Document Information Extraction function’s Template feature’s (customer and standard documents) Information Extraction UI supports many languages, including Finnish.

You can modify the SAP Best Practices bots and adjust them to your specific needs with minimal amount of effort. Or create brand new bots tailored to your custom needs for the areas where automation will bring you the highest value. 

For detailed steps to fulfill in order to run your automation, and links to training, see here or get in touch with us to hear more. 

New hands-free business cases

The 2111 release of Intelligent Automation for SAP Business ByDesign added new bots: Users can now use the new Automated Stock Transfer Order bot to easily import their stock transfer demand stored in an Excel. Similarly, instead of manual upload of purchase orders, users can now use the new Automated Purchase Order Upload bot that automatically picks the excel file and creates purchase orders in SAP Business ByDesign.


Pricing of Robotic Process Automation

Good news for current SAP Business ByDesign customers is, that SAP offers two concurrent sessions of SAP Intelligent RPA as a service of SAP Business ByDesign license at no extra cost. You can also use any of provided by SAP Best Practices bots out-of-box with no additional development or integration work.


Try for yourself! Book a demo or get in touch and we’ll tell more. 

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