Kivisampo Oy, internationally operating Finnish company manufactures, imports and supplies equipment solutions and plants for the various needs in aggregate, metal and recycling sectors. The company has been on a strong growth path the recent years and has ambitious goals also for the future. However, the business systems previously used by Kivisampo lacked support for the growing business, which is why they set out to search a centralized, modern and scalable ERP solution. The SAP Business ByDesign solution was selected as the core of their operations and Islet Group as the partner for the project.

Kivisampo wanted to find an ERP system that could be used to digitize their processes extensively and to promote information management by improving transparency and the transfer of information through the different business processes and units. It was especially important for Kivisampo that the end-to-end processes related to finance and logistics were in the same integrated system. Simultaneously, the modern solution included the possibility to increase automation and reduce manual work, especially on the logistics side. In addition, there was a desire to develop sales monitoring to be more transparent and thus more efficient and easier to manage.

We are a company in the manufacturing SME sector, and we wanted to choose a system of the future that scales with our growth and is easy to use and adopt. In today’s rapidly changing business environment, the flow of information and decision-making based on real-time information are vital. That is why we are really pleased to be able to cover a wide range of different processes through one solution.

Andrey Malkki

CEO, Kivisampo Oy

“It enables a simpler system architecture, one integrated source of truth and smoother way of sharing data all in all. Islet was just the right size partner for us – they have solid experience in our industry and the collaboration has been open, up-to-date, and easy. Our entire team has a strong belief for what we are accomplishing together.”, continues Andrey Malkki, CEO of Kivisampo Oy.


Kivisampo delivers equipments and  solutions to e.g. aggregate, metal and recycling industries.

It has been great to be able to collaborate and draw on our company’s solid industry expertise in the Kivisampo project. With the widely implemented SAP Business ByDesign solution, Kivisampo digitizes its processes comprehensively. In addition, the information they need is easily accessible and up-to-date, allowing them to run their business in a data-driven and proactive manner in the future.

Jukka Penttinen

CBO, Business Transformations, Islet Group

As an internationally operating and growing company, it is also especially important for Kivisampo that their future ERP system is a sustainable and a long-term solution that scales smoothly with various changes. As a cloud-based ERP system, SAP Business ByDesign is always up-to-date without any accumulated technology debt thanks to quarterly updates and improvements. This means that it’s customers are constantly getting new innovations they can utilize and adopt in their current system. Thanks to this, Kivisampo’s management and staff can focus on growing the company’s core business.

With the ERP project, Kivisampo’s operations will comprehensively modernize and digitize the processes of sales and customer relationship management, financial management, procurement, production and inventory management.



Kivisampo Oy is a Finnish, internationally operating manufacturing company founded in 1961. It manufactures, imports and supplies crushers and screening equipment, conveyors, crawler crushing units and other special equipment related to the aggregate, metal and recycling industries. The company’s turnover in 2020 was roughly 11 million euros and it employed about 35 people. In addition to its head office in Kouvola, the company also has offices in Tampere and Kitee.


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