What kind of organization and role do you work for?

I am Transmeri Group parent company’s CEO. We have a headcount of 17 in the parent company, and 6 major subsidiary companies with a total of 19 smaller subsidiaries. Next year I will have spent 10 years at Transmeri. I am married and have 3 children, one of whom has already moved out to study in Joensuu. I like sailing and ultra-running, and all kinds of sports that support it.


 What is Transmeri Group’s core message to stakeholders and customers?

We are a 90-year-old family business and the next generation is committed to continuing the business. We are a reliable, long-term partner.


How do you see your industry evolving? Which mega trends affect most and how?

Our industry is evolving to streamline, accelerate and make distribution channels more efficient. Out of mega trends we are now most influenced by the environmental and climate issues and, on the other hand, by the continuous acceleration and subordination of technological development.


How is responsibility reflected in your actions?

Responsibility plays an important role today, starting from our owners who have strongly raised the issue. Of course, responsibility has always been important to us, but lately it has been focused on even more. We are in the process of defining common themes across all Group companies based on the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. In addition to a few corporate-level themes, each company picks up key themes related to its industry. As an example, our most important goal is carbon neutrality and we are in the process of mapping it and counting it, and we will be locking our goals in the near future.


The best thing about your job?

The best part of my job is being able to meet many different types of people, both internally and across the board.


What are the top three things on your desktop for next year?

  1. Helping our affiliates grow and improve profitability – a key task from year to year.
  2. Support our staff to cope with major projects.
  3. ERP project. We currently have several ERP systems in use within the Group as we have grown through acquisitions. Our main system is SAP R3, and its product support will end by 2025, which is why we conducted a preliminary study last year with a view to achieving a single system for the entire Group. As a result of the survey, we ended up with one ERP: SAP S/4HANA. After the decision, we explored the partner opportunities and ISLET Group was selected as a partner from several alternatives.


Embarking into the SAP S/4HANA journey, what do you expect from this transformation?

I hope that the change will be as smooth as possible, and that in the long run having all the Group companies under the same ERP system will make our operations streamlined and easier. I hope the unnecessary repetition of the same steps within the group will be completely eliminated.


What are the main criteria for choosing a technology partner? What do you expect from a technology partner?

Reliability and expertise, which also means daring to disagree, challenge, question and offer alternatives. We are looking for straightforward co-operation where promises are kept and deadlines met, and surprises along the way are reported promptly.


How is cooperation with ISLET?

Easy and hassle-free, all of the above points describe ISLET well. ISLET has always responded to all our requests and needs. ISLET Group is able to provide service according to our schedules and wishes, even when the need for service has come as a surprise to ourselves.


How do you attract the best talents, what makes your organization a good workplace?

It depends on individuals and their motivation, but at least at Transmeri we strive to provide our experts with appropriate challenges, tasks and development paths.


Transmeri Group’s motto?

Private equity investor without exit strategy



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