With #IsletGoesItämeri-campaign we challenge ourselves and our stakeholders to protect Baltic Sea by biking, walking or running. Participants set their kilometer target and they either personally or through the organization they represent donate to WWF’s fundraising account in the name of saving the Baltic Sea.

#IsletGoesItämeri will be kicked off on 1st July 2019 and it will continue all the way to 30th October 2019. You’re welcome to jump in to campaign in any point!

In addition to fundraising money for the Baltic Sea, the campaign’s goal is to spread the information about Baltic Sea’s condition and to encourage people to take care of their well-being more sustainably.

#IsletGoesItämeri’s goals are derived from UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). SDG is a blueprint for more sustainable and better future.

In addition to participating, ISLET Group will donate 0,50€ for every post in social media tagged with #IsletGoesItämeri.

Interested? Great! Read more here and join the campaign!

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