We look from a solid bed rock to the horizon. Let’s get back in time, when BPS became ISLET. Our fantastic guests made the 20th anniversary gala very special. We would like to thank all Isletters who celebrated together with us.

You do remember that on Islet’s 20th anniversary year we would like to do good. It is important for us to take good care of our unique nature and to preserve it for future generations. We chose the Baltic Sea – one of the world’s most vulnerable and polluted seas to our charity target. We would like to collect 10.000 € for the protection of the Baltic Sea.

Responsibility and sustainability are important values to us and through our activities we aim to promote sustainable development. Therefore, we challenge all our customers and partners to help the Baltic Sea and to donate for its protection.

Please join us in our journey and do good!

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WWF is the world’s most powerful environment organization operating in over 100 countries. The donors participate in saving world’s most unique nature entities.

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