Welcome to our island, welcome to ISLET.  Previously you knew us as BPS. Now we have reached the age, where our name has changed to reflect better how we have grown in the past 20 years. Firm and robust bedrock describes our expertise seasoned by experience. It gives us a solid ground to reach the future. Our foundation remains strong as a rock, although we develop and grow. Therefore, think more of us!

We are internationally operating, responsibly growing Finnish family business which wants to build a better tomorrow with the help of newest technologies. We are always close to you, we talk about things understandably. Our strong expertise and technological solutions provide your business clarity and functionality.

Our way of thinking and our solutions are arctic clear. Since the beginning of our history, we have been a pioneer for a diverse and versatile working and thinking in the world of technology. We refresh attitudes and thinking models every time when there is a need. We navigate towards bigger seas – towards dreams.

Be sustainably successful with us now and in the future. Welcome to ISLET to create tomorrow together, responsibly!

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