Kontiotuote Oy has started a co-operation with Islet Group to develop their analytics and knowledge management solutions, processes and culture. Kontio wants to leverage data as a strategic asset and to gain a competitive advantage in the market.


New data platform for enhanced data integration and reporting

Kontio was undergoing a carve-out process from their parent company PRT Forest, which required them to implement new systems and services, including a new ERP system to replace their ERP. They also needed a modern and scalable data platform to integrate data from multiple source systems and to enable faster and more accurate reporting and analytics for their business users.

Embracing Data Lakehouse architecture for improved agility and innovation

Islet delivered a cutting-edge Azure data platform solution using Islet’s reference architecture for modern data platform solutions. The solution is based on Data Lakehouse architecture, which is a modern approach that combines the best of data lake and data warehouse paradigms. Data Lakehouse architecture enables storing and processing structured, semi-structured and unstructured data in a single platform, while providing high reliability, cost-efficiency, performance, and governance. It also supports advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities, as well as flexible and scalable data ingestion and transformation. Data Lakehouse architecture helps to reduce data silos, complexity, costs, and to improve data agility and innovation.

Islet used Azure Synapse Analytics to store and query structured and unstructured data in Azure Data Lake Storage where data was stored in Delta Lake format for high reliability and performance. The project also utilized Spark Pools and SQL Serverless Pool in Azure Synapse Analytics to enable fast and flexible data processing and querying. Reporting capabilities were created using Power BI, which allowed Kontio to create interactive dashboards and visualizations for their business.

Supporting the architecture’s operation are essential DevOps practices, including infrastructure-as-code, Azure DevOps for version control and CI/CD pipelines. Azure Monitor provides comprehensive monitoring and alerts to maintain system health and performance. Additionally, the entire solution is safeguarded by Microsoft Defender for cloud, ensuring enterprise-grade security across all components.

Enhanced business efficiency, improved data quality and self-service analytics

Implementing the new solution has brought significant benefits to Kontio. The quality and consistency of data used for reporting and analytics have vastly improved, leading to more reliable results. The new solution has also reduced data latency and increased data availability, enabling faster decision-making processes. Furthermore, the self-service analytics and insights available through the new solution have empowered business users by granting them direct access to crucial data.

Our collaboration with Islet Group during the implementation of the new data and analytics solution has been very successful. Islet’s team has exceeded our expectations, and I can warmly recommend Islet as a partner.

Jaakko Tiainen

CIO, Kontiotuote Oy

Kontio and Islet Group are looking forward to continuing their partnership and exploring new ways of leveraging data and analytics to support Kontio’s business goals. The new solution provides a solid foundation for future development and innovation, as well as opportunities to integrate new data sources and unlock new insights. By harnessing the power of data and analytics, Kontio and Islet aim to deliver value to customers and stakeholders, while enhancing Kontio’s position as a leader in log house production.

We are very proud of the partnership and project we have accomplished with Kontio. The new data and analytics solution has enabled Kontio to enhance their knowledge management to the next level. We are grateful for the trust and cooperation that Kontio has shown us throughout the implementation process. We believe that this is only the beginning of a long and fruitful collaboration between our companies.

Janne Anttila

CBO Data & Analytics, Islet Group

Janne Anttila
CBO – Data and Analytics, Isletter
+358 45 672 8569



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Kontiotuote Oy is the worlds largest log house manufacturer. Kontio was established 1973 and it has delivered log houses to over 30 different countries. Kontio uses only PECF certified and renewable Finnish wood. Kontio’s product range covers a wide range of wood buildings from private holiday houses and private apartments to large projects and public buildings.

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