Cutrin Oy and Islet Group collaborated to modernize Cutrin’s sales tools with Fiori applications and moved them to a modern and scalable cloud platform taking advantage of the latest features of SAP Business Technology Platform.


Goal to modernize and develop flexibly

Cutrin is one of the leading hair cosmetics brands in the Nordic countries designed for professionals. The company needed to renew and modernize the sales portal used by sales representatives, and they set out to find a user-friendly solution that would be integrated in real time into the company’s SAP ERP system.

The current solution, which was at the end of its life cycle, provided insufficient opportunities for further development, delays in data transfer between various systems, and error handling that sometimes caused manual work. Cutrin needed to find a mobile solution for sales representatives to manage customer meetings and product catalogues and create sales orders during meetings. The most important requirements of the solution were real-time, flexible development possibilities, and excellent usability.

We are proud to say that we are an expert in northern hair styling with almost fifty years of expertise. It is important for us to provide fast, flexible, reliable and personal service to our customers. That is why we needed a modern, real-time and easy-to-use sales solution that evolves with our needs. Together with Islet, we brainstormed, designed and implemented the best possible tool for sales representatives, and its implementation was agile.

Jan Hagelberg

Sales manager, Cutrin Oy


Cloud independence and user-friendliness

Islet offered Cutrin an agile Fiori application suite, which was built entirely on the cloud-based SAP Business Technology Platform utilizing the latest Fiori innovations. Since the solution has a lot of functionalities and data outside of SAP’s core processes, it was best practice to implement the solution on a cloud platform and build interfaces to other systems. This ensures better life cycle management for the application, keeps the backend system separate from customizations, and allows further developments of the solution separately from SAP versions and release cycles.

Excellent usability was ensured by designing the user interfaces together with the main and end users in design workshops using prototypes and an iterative, agile development model. In this way, it was possible to ensure that the solution also meets all the performance needs of the hectic work of the sales force.

Since the transition to cloud platforms is happening to everyone, it is good to think about the cloud strategy in advance: how and in what order solutions will be moved and implemented. Automation innovations in modern cloud platforms will also significantly speed up ERP development in the future, and the overall costs are often lower compared to on-premise solutions.

Antti Louhi

UX Lead, Islet Group


Free Tier model enables agile experimentation and provides predictability

The project used the Free Tier model by SAP, which enabled the migration to the cloud platform without prior investment in the platform and services. Free Tier introduces a culture of experimentation into ERP development and encourages customers with a low threshold to pilot innovative solutions and innovations on the BTP cloud platform – for free. Usage-based pricing is only activated when the solution is deployed in a production environment. The solutions implemented for the cloud platform bring transparency and predictability to the platform costs, as the costs are scalable based on usages and can be monitored in real-time.

I recommend you try out SAP’s Free Tier services, which are available to all partners, SAP customers, suppliers and even private individuals. They are great tools for building PoCs, prototypes and new innovations, and evaluating new services.

Antti Louhi

UX Lead, Islet Group



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CUTRIN lukeutuu Pohjoismaiden johtaviin, ammattilaisten käyttöön suunniteltuihin hiuskosmetiikkamerkkeihin. CUTRINin menestyksen taustalla on LUMENE Oy, kansainvälinen kauneuden ja hyvinvoinnin huippuosaaja.


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COO, Isletter
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