Islet has begun a cooperation with Swedish Medius, developer of cloud-based AP invoice handling solution. Medius is also an SAP partner and its solution is already used by hundreds of SAP clients from several industries.

Already over 4000 customers have trusted Medius to digitalize their invoice handling processes. Standardized processes and integrations enable a fast system implementation after which the client can automatize and manage their invoicing processes independently.  

Transparency and reporting

Accounts payable is one of the administrative processes taking most of the resources for companies. Increasing automation reduces manual tasks in handling AP invoices, eliminates mistakes, makes invoice handling faster and reduces costs.

Medius next generation invoice automation minimizes the manual steps in every stage of the invoice handling process. Account matching enables high touchless processing, and the high automation level is reached via AI, ML and analytics. Solution includes smart accounting proposals, leading PO invoice matching and high-quality standard integration to SAP. These guarantee transparency for the entire invoice handling process and wide reporting possibilities.  

We are excited about our cooperation with Medius, because it allows us to offer our customers an even more comprehensive invoice processing through automation, AI and ML, minimizing manual work. Prepackaged implementation guarantees, that the solution can be utilized by client fast and smooth. Our partnership brings new opportunities to all our customers that we support with ERP and procurement digitalization.“

Mikko Korpi

Head of Procurement Solutions, Islet Group

Medius and SAP

Medius is easy and reliable to use together with an SAP system. Integration of this SAP certified solution is pre-packaged, which makes its implementation faster and lowers costs.

Medius suits especially SAP clients with

  • Using legacy on prem solution not enough for current needs
  • Current or upcoming change in the ERP environment
  • Looking to increase automation in invoice processing
  • Invoice volume 10.000 per annum
  • High share of PO based invoices
    • For example in manufacturing, logistics, retail, utility
    • Complex set of various invoice types
  • Aiming for efficient project/implementation
  • Looking for prepackaged integrations for SAP on prem or in cloud
  • Looking for Nordic contact center, local support

Partnership with Islet is a natural continuation to our growing business with SAP customers. As a strong SAP partner Islet brings our common customers their deep SAP knowledge and together we are able to even better meet customer needs. SAP ERP combined with Medius invoice handling automation reduces routine tasks, provides better transparency and streamlines clients’ processes.

Sami Vaara

Sales Partner, Medius

Mikko Korpi
Head of Procurement Solutions, Isletter
+358 40 489 7248



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