SAP and ISLET Group Oy made a partnership agreement in Finland to provide cloud-based SAP Business ByDesign solutions. According to the agreement, ISLET will provide clients cloud-based SAP Business ByDesign Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) as part of our solution offering.

”For the past 20 years we have already provided SAP ERP solutions to our clients. Along with cloud-based SAP Business ByDesign, our cooperation deepens with SAP and opens doors to interesting small and medium-sized enterprises who want to enhance and grow their operations. We have already packaged Business ByDesign solution implementation for professional service and project companies and also to manufacturing industry”, says ISLET Group’s CEO Janina Luoto.

Business ByDesign has been designed for heavily growing small and medium-sized sector to serve company’s all key functions as a cloud-based service: from financial management, human resource management, project management, procurement, production planning and execution also to supply chain management. The solution also covers localization taking into account tax requirements, languages and currencies. Small and medium-sized companies can compete and scale their businesses without major expenses or complexity. Companies can react rapidly and agilely to new forthcoming business opportunities. Real-time analytics can help to improve margin and efficiency.

”ISLET Group is a responsibly growing family-owned business which gives clients the needed flexibility. ISLET Group’s clients are exceptionally satisfied. I believe that ISLET and its operation mode is suitable and the company is correct sized for providing cloud-based Business ByDesign solutions”, underlines Arto Saarinen, responsible for SAP Finland’s partnerships.

Further information:

Janina Luoto
CEO, Isletter
ISLET Group Oy
+358 40 574 1266

Arto Saarinen
Head of Channel
+358 40 706 4632

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