The first blog post in our new blog series introduces 20 years of our history and highlights the important themes related to this celebratory year.

Year 2018 is a year of joy and celebration for us as it has been 20 years since ISLET was founded. This year, we want to discuss several themes and phenomena, that have been important for us and that have occurred in the business environment and in our journey of 20 years. Fakta Magazine recognized our anniversary year and you can read the article in the newest copy in Fakta Magazine. We want to thank everyone who has been a part of our journey and welcome you aboard!

Even at the times of celebration, it is important to honour and remember our 20 years of exceptional history and the remarkable things that have happened. ISLET has been a pioneer in the IT field from many viewpoints: a technology company operated by one family and run by women was rare at the time – and still is.

The transformation of technology has been massive in past 20 years. IT departments that previously existed to offer only supporting business have now changed to a central enabler of growth and business vitality. We have been a proud part of this change as we have supported our customers in their digitalization journey – from millennium era IT-systems towards 2020’s’ productivity leaps.

One major change also happened in Islet’s leadership when me and my brother Tommi Luoto stepped in to run the company in 2015. Read more about the succession in the Fakta article here.

Sustainable growth and responsibility are the cornerstones for our operations. As a part of our year of celebration, we have decided to challenge our customers and partners to do good. Therefore, we ask you to take part in our “Help the Baltic Sea”, where our goal is to collect 10 000 euros to preserve the Baltic Sea. Take part and help!

You are warmly welcome to celebrate our 20-year history and inspiring future with us!

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