Sales, procurement, production and logistical processes run through the entire organization – from order to delivery. Just like every shore on our Islet, we know logistics and are here to increase your organizational efficiency through our simple yet powerful solutions.

With SAP S/4HANA technology as our main motor, our solutions cover functions from all logistical areas and take advantage of the latest technologies such as robotics and Artificial Intelligence. With our SAP logistics solutions you can manage warehouse, create sales and purchase orders, forecast and plan production and have control and oversight on deliveries. SAP Logistics solution automatically integrates with SAP financial management. Furthermore, a user-friendly and intuitive user interface in our procurement, production and logistics applications allows smooth sailing.

On our Islet, we also design and deploy various mobile solutions to increase efficiency in logistics and procurement processes. These mobile applications can be implemented in any area of a business process.

With high-class application management services and continuous small scale development, we ensure smooth day-to-day operations. At the helm, you will have a personal Isletter and a team of dedicated experts who know your processes and operating environment. Our application management services cover a vast area of critical business processes and development such as system monitoring, user support, troubleshooting, small scale development and integrations.

SAP Logistiikka - Ota yhteyttä Piia Hoffsten Islet

Jukka Penttinen
CBO, Isletter
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Islet has packaged Smart Guided Buying into a SAP certified partner solution, that increases efficiency and transparency in organisation’s indirect procurement. This solution is applicable across industries, such as the food industry, healthcare sector and...

Servica optimized order processing with mobile user interface

Servica optimized order processing with mobile user interface

In 2017, Servica implemented a new mobile user interface for order processing that was developed by Islet. This UI5 technology based application, independent of the device type, replaced procurement system and barcode reader devices which were at the end of their...

Servica increased the warehouse picking performance by 25 %

Servica increased the warehouse picking performance by 25 %

Kuopio City, the health care district of Northern Savonia and Servica have been active users of SAP Enterprise Resource Planning systems for many years. Islet is in charge of the SAP system maintenance and continuous development. When Servica’s functional development...