Finance as a part of ERP – SAP Finance. Across the value chain organizational actors need information from financial management system. This means incorporating sales, procurement, logistics and production into company’s financial ecosystem. With robust integrations across the organization, financial management system guarantees transparency and smooth business.

Benefit from the latest real-time data processing and Artificial Intelligence technologies that will simplify your operations with less errors and more automation. In the core of it all is Islet’s technology motor, SAP S/4HANA, which you can deploy flexibly with a cloud based monthly subscription or with a deployment right into your own environment. Moreover, SAP S/4HANA can be easily expanded to cover all areas in your ERP landscape.

With high-class application management services and continuous small scale development, we ensure smooth day-to-day operations. At the helm, you will have a personal Isletter and a team of dedicated experts who know your processes and operating environment. Our application management services cover a vast area of critical business processes and development such as system monitoring, user support, troubleshooting, small scale development and integrations.

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COO, Isletter
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Microsoft Fabric Proof of Concept

Microsoft Fabric Proof of Concept

Introductory workshop and POC implementation Islet Group has packaged a comprehensive Proof of Concept (POC) service tailored for organizations of all sizes that would like to better understand Microsoft Fabric features through industry’s best practices and test its...

Cutrin modernizes mobile application for sales representatives

Cutrin modernizes mobile application for sales representatives

Finnish hair cosmetics company Cutrin has developed a mobile application for their sales representatives to manage customer meetings and product catalogs, as well as to record orders. The aim for designing new was to increase user-friendliness and real-time service by...