​Procurement is typically seen merely as an operational function in which procurement and supply chain management are approached from cost-focused angle. The latest technological innovations and digitalization enable a strategic and agile procurement based on your business priorities. There are significant benefits to digitalizing procurement. When your organization’s procurement is seamlessly integrated from source to payment, it enables a real-time flow of information to support monitoring and decision-making. Procurement transformation enables better user experiences, and it allows your organization to simplify and automate processes as well as produce intelligent analytics that can guide procurement in the desired direction. Straightforward and intuitive user experience supports users to make purchases in accordance with your organization’s policies.

Procurement transformation is a journey that is unique to each organization depending on your organization’s procurement’s current state and vision for the future. We provide our customers support in every step of the way, from strategic assessments and roadmaps to technological solutions and solution maintenance. We utilize the modern cloud-based SAP Ariba Procurement solution portfolio.

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Strategic Assessment and Roadmap

The strategic assessment and roadmap gives your organization direction and supports your organization’s first steps to procurement transformation. It outlines clear steps for the transformation based on the current state of your organization’s procurement – how and in which procurement solutions and systems the procurement is managed at the moment, and what kind of goals your organization has for the future of your procurement. With the roadmap, your organization gains clarity and transparency on what the transformation consists of, from both a technical perspective as well as business benefits point of view. The strategic assessment also includes comparison of different transition paths, schedule propositions, and a preliminary investment plan.


SAP Ariba Procurement solution helps your organization to negotiate better deals, control costs, manage risks related to buying, and increase profitability in the buying processes.

The Procurement solution consists of the following applications:

  • SAP Ariba Buying
  • SAP Ariba Buying & Invoicing
  • SAP Ariba Catalog

Supply Chain Management

The SAP Ariba Supply Chain Management allows you to digitize your organization’s extended supply chain with an end-to-end, digital procurement solution that supports direct spend, including integration with product design and R&D processes, manufacturing execution and delivery.

The Supply Chain Management solution portfolio consist of following applications:

  • SAP Ariba Direct Material Sourcing
  • SAP Ariba Supply Chain Collaboration


Supplier Management

With SAP Ariba Supplier Management, your organization can drive spend to preferred suppliers and reduce risks, from supplier onboarding and qualification to segmentation and performance management.

Supplier Management solution portfolio consists of the following applications:

  • SAP Ariba Supplier Risk
  • SAP Ariba Supplier Lifecycle and Performance
  • SAP Ariba Supplier Information & Performance Management


Strategic Sourcing

The SAP Ariba Strategic Sourcing solution portfolio enables your organization to manage your sourcing, contracting, and spend analysis processes for all types of spend – direct and indirect materials.

Strategic Sourcing solution portfolio consists of the following applications:

  • SAP Ariba Spend Analysis
  • SAP Ariba Sourcing
  • SAP Ariba Contracts


Financial Supply Chain

SAP Ariba Financial Supply Chain solution merges partially with the procurement solution, enabling the management of invoices and payments. It allows your organization to match purchase transactions and invoices and track payment status, by supporting electronic purchase orders and invoicing.

The Financial Supply Chain solution consists of the following applications:

  • SAP Ariba Invoice Management
  • SAP Ariba Buying & Invoicing
  • SAP Ariba Payables

Financial Supply Chain solution is the last application portfolio of the SAP Ariba solution portfolio. Together, these five portfolios form an innovative, cloud-based, seamlessly integrated SAP Ariba source to pay solution.


SAP Business Network – Digital B2B marketplace

SAP Business Network is the largest B2B marketplace where suppliers and buyers can trade, build up their cooperation, and find new business opportunities. In the network, buyers can manage their whole procurement process, control their costs, find new ways to make savings, and build a healthy, ethically functioning supply chain. In turn, suppliers are able to support their customers to accomplish their procurement goals, and at the same time raise their own customer satisfaction, streamline their sales cycle and improve their cash flow.


SAP Ariba SNAP for the SME sector

Islet delivers SNAP implementations to the SME sector. SAP Ariba SNAP is a delivery model by SAP that implements the SAP Ariba sourcing solution in a 12-week interactive, agile-based project. With SNAP project delivery model, typical time and resource challenges in an implementation project can be diminished, and benefits of the solution can be realized faster. Scope of the delivery typically includes procurement, guided purchasing, contracts, and supplier management — everything needed for tactical sourcing.


Solution Optimization

We offer support and services in every phase of procurement transformation, also to organizations that may already use one or several SAP Ariba applications. We conduct systems evaluations to help your organization determine how to optimize existing solutions to better meet your organization’s needs and requirements. We help your organization to reach the full potential of your procurement solutions. As our maintenance customer, your organization has direct contact with a wide range of professionals, to whom we offer monitoring, systems maintenance, development, optimization, and system updates.


Sustainability in Procurement

Sustainability is not only a trendy term, but also with the ever-evolving legislation and global standards, something every organization needs to consider. When it comes to sustainable business, procurement is one of the most critical areas where your organization can succeed and advance important sustainability goals. By managing your organization’s procurement with digital, integrable solutions and systems, you can support the fulfillment of both your organization’s internal sustainability goals as well as external requirements and obligations. SAP is at the forefront of technological advancement in promoting and innovating solutions that enable more thorough and effective monitoring and reporting of sustainability goals. At its’ present state, SAP Ariba solutions have the ability to include sustainability as a part of supplier selection and this development is continuous. With SAP Ariba Procurement solutions, your organization has access to a network of companies, where you can find i.e. minority and female-owned businesses, as well as environmentally certified suppliers.