Finnish hair cosmetics company Cutrin has developed a mobile application for their sales representatives to manage customer meetings and product catalogs, as well as to record orders. The aim for designing new was to increase user-friendliness and real-time service by utilizing cloud services.

Cutrin, which manufactures and sells hair cosmetics services and products for hairdressers and barbers, has revamped its cloud-based sales tools. The new mobile application simplifies the management of customer meetings and product catalogs, as well as recording sales orders during meetings.

The purpose of the application is to support the work of sales representatives. The previous sales system was not up-to-date, and there were delays in the transfer of information between systems.


For us, it is important to offer flexible, reliable and personal service to our customers. That’s why we needed a modern and easy-to-use sales solution. 

Jan Hagelberg

Sales director, Cutrin Oy

Cloud increases independence and flexibility

Studies have found the biggest benefit of cloud services to be location independence. Other significant benefits include scalability, global usability, and cost-effectiveness.

We wanted to move to a public cloud platform with as low a threshold as possible, without making major upfront investments in the platform. Therefore, we utilized an experimental culture and chose the so-called Free Tier model for the initial phase of the sales reform project, where the project can be started flexibly and costs scale according to usage and can be monitored in real time. The Free Tier model was particularly utilized during the project’s planning sprints, as we wanted to pilot the use of new technologies and innovations without pre-investing in platform services. When the project was undertaken more broadly and put into production, the solution was transferred to a usage-based fee model. Hence the solution will continue to evolve according to our needs.

Jan Hagelberg

Sales director, Cutrin Oy

The implementation of the mobile application was handled by the Finnish IT consulting company Islet Group. SAP Fiori was chosen as the technology solution for the design of the application, which was built on the SAP Business Technology Platform cloud platform. From there, Islet implemented interfaces to other systems, such as SAP ERP.

Cutrin has represented pioneering Nordic hair design and hair care for fifty years. Cutrin’s products are designed, developed, and tested in Finland. The core of the company’s philosophy is influenced widely by Nordic values: respect for natural raw materials and the preservation of sustainable development.


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CUTRIN is among the leading hair cosmetics brands in the Nordic countries, designed for professional use. Cutrin’s product range includes high-quality products containing natural raw materials for both professional hairdressers and consumers, with main markets in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Cutrin’s success is backed by LUMENE Oy, an international expert in beauty and well-being. For more information:



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