At Islet we believe that technology is one of the most important enablers of sustainable business. To support our customers in building a more sustainable business, we have created a sustainability framework, with the aim of integrating the perspective of sustainability into every joint technology project.

All companies, especially medium and large, carry out several technology projects annually. However, few projects have considered how to advance the company’s own sustainability goals at the same time. With our new framework, we want to integrate the sustainability angle into every technology project and find concrete ways to support our customers’ sustainable business development. A further aim is to involve the people participating in the project in sustainability work, innovation, and sustainability thinking. Our framework challenges project teams to brainstorm how sustainability can be promoted in technology projects being implemented.

The framework was created together with Isletters and customers by involving them in the development of the framework through surveys and interviews. In addition, our partner SAP was involved in developing the concept. Based on the mapping survey and feedback discussions, customers found the tool a necessary addition to project work and saw it adding value to the implementation of sustainability goals throughout the business.

The sustainability framework will be piloted in Islet’s customer projects during 2024 across all our business areas (business transformations, sourcing and spend management, data & analytics). During this pilot year, our goal is to use the framework in at least 40% of projects, initially in manufacturing industry projects, but expanding to other industries and projects during the year.

In practice, the sustainability framework shows in a technology project in such a way that an expert, familiar with Islet’s sustainability concept, evaluates with the customer’s project team how it would be possible to make an impact from a sustainability perspective, for example by reducing the company’s emissions. Islet’s ready-made information library supports discussions with the customer and helps assess the situation in relation to the industry and trends, the company’s entire value chain, and the company’s own sustainability goals and focus areas. Based on the review, sustainability promoting goals are set for the project in the areas of environmental responsibility, social responsibility, and economical/governance (ESG).

At Islet, we strongly believe that technology can help build a more sustainable future. Our new sustainability framework helps integrate sustainability into our customer projects. It enables more sustainable business and seeks to awaken new, innovative thoughts for promoting sustainability. Our goal is for every technology project to not only achieve business objectives, but also encourage sustainable growth and operations. The framework is part of Islet’s commitment to building a better future with technology.

Janina Luoto

CEO, Islet Group

Our goal is that after piloting and transition, the sustainability framework is applied in all our projects. That way we can act more responsibly and sustainably together. We want our framework to influence what kind of planet we leave for future generations.


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