ISLET Group has packaged an intelligent travel and expense management solution based on SAP technology, which ensures an efficient process and user-friendliness. ISLET SMART EXPENSE is a SAP qualified partner solution that is suitable for medium-sized companies operating in different industries. The solution is based on modern, cloud-based SAP Concur technology.

With the packaged solution for travel and expense invoices, companies are introduced to an easy-to-use, compliant, and company travel policy compatible, cloud-based solution that updates monthly for processing travel and expense invoices. It can be implemented smoothly with one clear packaged entity, ensured by flexible integration into the company’s financial and personnel management systems. The solution is specifically designed for medium-sized companies in various industries, aiming for a flexible and smooth travel and expense management process.

Processing travel and expense invoices is one of the HR and finance processes that must be smooth for those who create invoices, those who review and handle them, and also those who approve them. In the near future, automation will further increase its role in the process as the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning develops, and pioneers have the opportunity for a significant competitive advantage. Scalability in a changing operating environment along with the organization should be taken into account, also from the perspective of process coverage.

When implemented, this packaged solution includes creating travel invoices on mobile, seamlessly processing receipts using artificial intelligence, and a flexible approval and review process tailored to the company’s needs, all the way to payment. This enables streamlining the travel and expense process and reduces risks, as it ensures that the information is correct and always available, guiding the user to act according to the law and the set requirements. Time saving with this easy-to-use solution enables focus on other tasks, thus bringing overall savings to the organization and a better employee experience. An important part is also to gain visibility and traceability to the entire organization’s expenses, ensuring better and responsible decisionmaking.

Islet Smart Expense can be expanded with additional functionality and scales with changes in the company.

Jenni Lonka

Jenni Lonka
CBO, Sourcing and Spend Management
+358 40 567 5037

Download the description of the packaged ISLET SMART EXPENSE solution and read more about pricing, as well as project duration and coverage:

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