Ouneva Group has initiated a significant collaboration with Islet Group to revamp and enhance data management, data warehousing, reporting, and analytics. The partnership began with a data strategy consulting assignment, during which Islet’s expert team conducted a comprehensive assessment of Ouneva Group’s current state in terms of data utilization and data-driven decision-making, and identified goals and a future vision.


Current State Analysis and Data Strategy

At the start of the collaboration project, a wide range of interviews were conducted at various levels of the organization, and the existing technical solutions were examined, including operational systems and data utilization solutions, their maturity level, and various use cases. Several key individuals from Ouneva Group, spanning different departments and top management, as well as those involved in reporting and handling data, participated in the interviews. These interviews were a vital part of the data collection process, providing valuable insights into the organization’s current state, challenges, and development opportunities.

Based on the interviews, analysis, and data collection, Islet’s team created a final report that outlines the key guidelines for the client’s data strategy towards the future:

  • Comprehensive description of the current state, architecture, and key challenges/pain points.
  • Description of the target state, including top development themes, Islet’s recommended data platform architecture with technical components and alternatives.
  • Initial roadmap and projection of development themes/business needs.

It was highly beneficial to gain a holistic view of the current state, challenges, and development ideas. Islet’s team brought forward many new perspectives for our organization. The assignment met or even exceeded our expectations and provided a very clear direction for our organization to comprehensively develop data management. We are very satisfied with the service we received and gladly recommend Islet to others.

Mikko Rönkkönen

Information Technology Manager / Data Protection Officer, Ouneva Group

Towards Data Management Transformation

After creating the data strategy, the collaboration between Ouneva Group and Islet continued towards the desired data management transformation. The central focus of this phase was the construction of a new cloud-based data platform and the development of reporting and analytics capabilities. In the technical implementation, Microsoft Azure was chosen as the primary cloud service, with Synapse Analytics as the central platform. Azure Synapse Pipelines was used for data retrieval, processing, and transformation, while Azure Data Lake enabled cost-effective and scalable data storage and history tracking from source systems.

The development work proceeded iteratively, with the goal of ensuring the client’s control and transparency in the progress of the development. The project plan was finalized in collaboration with the client, and the focus of development was adjusted based on the client’s priorities. Conceptual modeling played a crucial role in shaping the data platform’s data model, ensuring the understanding of business terms and the right structure to support effective data utilization.

The development of the data warehouse and reporting was divided into multiple phases, including setting up the environment and implementing several functionalities for later phases. Power Apps solutions were integrated to enable efficient data collection for specific use cases. Additionally, the data platform’s utilization was extended to a “data hub,” allowing data to be transmitted from the data platform to different systems and between them.


A Data Platform for Future Needs

In the future the collaboration will continue, and the solution will be further expanded into automation, analytics, and AI to increase data transparency, reduce manual work, and enhance responsiveness throughout the organization. The modern, scalable, and future-proof data platform will enable addressing a wide range of different business needs, whether it’s related to IoT data from production facilities or predictive analytics.


The collaboration has been smooth, and Ouneva Group has a strong commitment to developing data management on a broad scale. It has been great to see the initial results and added value that has been generated for the business. We are happy to continue the collaboration and help Ouneva Group maximize the benefits of data and modern analytics solutions.

Janne Anttila

Chief Business Officer, Data and Analytics, Islet Group


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Ouneva Group is a Finnish, family-owned contract manufacturer and R&D partner for a wide range of industries, ranging from mechanical engineering to world’s leading electronic security systems. The professional expertise and cutting-edge technologies have laid the foundations for long partnerships with their customers.


Janne Anttila
CBO – Data and Analytics, Isletter
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