Islet has successfully renewed its “SAP Partner Center of Expertise” (COE) certificate. The certification focuses on consistency and performance of daily support and maintenance activities and the operability of the support infrastructure.

Islet demonstrated its competence through a complex audit process conducted by SAP. The process included assessments of the infrastructure, processes and tools, AMS services and team skills. In all these categories Islet met the standards SAP has set for its partners when providing maintenance services for customers.

SAP Partner Center of Expertise certification shows our long-term commitment to providing high-quality SAP support services. We have provided application management services for over 20 years to our customers in different industries and we continue to ensure that our customers can smoothly run their business operations in the future.

Tommi Luoto

Chief Technology Officer, Islet Group

SAP Partner COE certification adds value to Islet services


SAP Partner Center of Expertise certification demonstrates Islet’s deep expertise in SAP solutions. Our Application Management Services (AMS) delivery team members are highly skilled and certified professionals. In 2022, Islet obtained overall 77 SAP and Microsoft certifications and it is in every consultant’s yearly incentive to certify themselves in the newest technologies. Continuous learning is one of our values enabling us to deliver high-quality service to our AMS customers with a strong understanding of the opportunities and possibilities the technologies provide.

Quality Assurance

SAP Partner Center of Expertise certification also demonstrates a high level of quality assurance. Islet is committed to SAP’s strict quality standards and best practices and to the continuous improvement together with customers, SAP, and other partners. This ensures that SAP maintenance and support processes meet the high standards of industry benchmarks and contractual targets.



Monitoring and Maintenance

Islet’s effective and proactive monitoring services include monitoring of the SAP environment, enabling the early identification and resolution of potential issues before they develop into significant problems. Our AMS team is supported by a highly proficient and seasoned development team that can swiftly address issues that may arise. This reduces the risk of system outages and data loss, ensuring smooth operations for our customer organizations.

Long-Term Partnership

Our mission is to build a sustainable future with advanced technologies together with our customers and partners. We are a trusted and long-term partner for our wide and diverse customer base. We work constantly towards delivering high-quality continuous support and we are committed to our customers’ success.

If you are interested in our Application Management Services, please contact:

Heidi Sinisalo
Chief Operating Officer, Isletter
+358 40 045 5377



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