Valmet Technologies launched a project in January last year, with the aim of establishing a controlled framework for order-to-cash and quote-to-contract processes in their customers’ P2P portals. The purpose of this framework was to ensure that Valmet, as a supplier, has standardized and controlled settings, structures, and processes in place in the various procurement systems and portals used by its customers. The goal was to facilitate clear and efficient collaboration as a supplier in the customers’ systems, further improve customer relationships and satisfaction, and to streamline interactions between customers and Valmet.

The project was inspired by Valmet‘s customers’ need to promote digital supplier collaboration through the SAP Business Network. In addition to SAP Ariba, the project also encompassed the development of frameworks for Taulia and Coupa P2P solutions, which are also used in Valmet’s customer relationships. Lea Rajala, senior consultant from Islet, has been involved in the project as an expert and coordinator.

Companies have the possibility to register as suppliers in Ariba through the SAP Business Network. Creating a supplier account is relatively easy, but achieving impactful and efficient collaboration between suppliers and customers requires an active and controlled approach from both parties.

Lea Rajala

Senior Consultant, Islet Group

For SAP Ariba, the project included assessment work on how to manage Valmet as a global supplier in various SAP Business Networks and the description of how to integrate the solution architecture with the backend systems. The aim was not only to specify integration scenarios but also to create a model for Valmet that could be replicated in different portals. The frameworks and concepts developed for the SAP Ariba environment have served as a basis for other P2P solutions and frameworks. An essential part of the development project was also to implement a centralized IT management model for maintaining Valmet as a supplier in the different P2P solutions.

Through the developed framework, Valmet has established a centralized service for P2P solutions and a management model for Valmet as a supplier. Islet has been an important partner in the development work, bringing both technological and process expertise, which enabled a successful outcome.

Jussi Kannisto

Solution Architect, Customer Solutions, Valmet Technologies

The developed frameworks have already been implemented in two of Valmet’s business lines, and the coverage will be company-wide in the future.

With Valmet, we have been able to build a model that can be further improved in the future with their partners, considering different technologies. Work is ongoing, but thanks to the developed models the process will be smoother in the future. Ensuring a functional process is very important in terms of a seamless cooperation and supply chain transparency, from both the seller’s and buyer’s perspective.

Jenni Lonka

Chief Business Officer, Sourcing and Spend Management, Islet Group



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Valmet is a global developer and supplier of process technologies, automation, and services for the pulp, paper, and energy industries. With over 220 years of industrial heritage, the Valmet Group had a net sales of approximately 5.1 billion in 2022.



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CBO Sourcing and Spend Management, Isletter

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