Kontiotuote is the world’s largest manufacturer of log buildings. The company, known for its Kontio brand, delivers saunas, log houses, villas, and other log buildings to customers around the world from its Pudasjärvi factory in North Ostrobothnia. As part of a wider system reform, Kontiotuote started to look for modern, cloud-based ERP solution. At the end of the highly systematic selection process carried out in a tight schedule, Kontio chose SAP Business ByDesign, aimed at the growing SME sector, and Islet Group as its partner. 

Changes in Kontio’s business models had developed new needs, which the old systems could not meet anymore at a sufficient level. At the same time, Kontio also wanted to modernize the operational tools and the system architecture more widely. For the new ERP, they started looking for a solution that would better support their strong growth, as well as the business’s continuously evolving needs in the long term.

One of the first requirements and goals for Kontio was to cover as wide a range of functions as possible through one standard solution and that way avoid expensive customization which often might also hinder future development. Still, the next solution needed to be widely integrable. In addition, Kontio wanted to significantly reduce manual work. But there were other interests as well. They wanted to offer modern and user-friendly tools to support a positive employee experience, as well as the fulfillment of the high-quality standards of their customer service also in the future, considering the growth targets.

In the coming years, we are seeking growth and investing in e.g. turn-key houses, project management and export business in accordance with our strategy. In practical work and processes, we want to significantly raise the level of automation. Our goal is also to improve the transparency and visibility of operations and numbers to better enable information management. We believe that with SAP Business ByDesign we have excellent premises to achieve many of these goals surprisingly quickly.

Timo Mustonen

Chief Financial Officer, Kontiotuote Oy

The houses of Kontio’s popular Glass House collection are very adaptable to different types of customer wishes. Source: Kontio


The collaboration between Islet and Kontiotuote started in the spring of 2022. The SAP Business ByDesign solution covers a significant part of Kontio’s finance, sales, warehouse management, procurement, production, project management, work time management as well as travel and expense management related processes. Also, the embedded reporting and analytics capabilities providing real-time data of all areas of the solution significantly enhanced the usability of information in everyday business.

“The choice of supplier was based on the comparable scorecard system, as well as the overall cooperation during the selection phase – Islet stood out from the competition in every category we measured, plus the atmosphere and energy of doing things and getting things done together was always present throughout the process. The factors with most emphasis were strong industry knowledge, experience and know-how of the chosen solution, and a spirit and energy of our cooperation. The decision to choose Islet as Kontio’s partner was surprisingly clear and easy,” Mustonen continues.

We are really happy and proud to be able to support Kontio’s future growth and goals. Our strong investment in the industry is clearly visible. The solution’s advanced project management functionalities, built-in analytics, mobile capabilities, continuous new innovations, and versatile scaling possibilities will bring significant reforms and opportunities for Kontio in the coming years.

Jukka Penttinen

Chief Business Officer, Enterprise Resource Planning, Islet Group


Kontiotuote is the world’s largest manufacturer of log buildings, founded in Finland in 1976. As an exception to other companies in the field, Kontiotuote handles the entire process starting from processing of wood – from logs all the way to finished buildings. In addition to Finland, Kontio exports its log buildings to around 20 different countries, the most important ones being Sweden – where they’ve also established a subsidiary Kontio Hus AB – Norway, France, and Japan. Kontio’s turnover in 2021 was 71.4 million euros and it employs almost 300 employees.


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