ISLET Group has packaged the implementation of a comprehensive ERP solution for manufacturing companies. ISLET SMART MANUFACTURING is an SAP qualified partner solution based on SAP S/4HANA Cloud technology.

The solution allows you to manage different production strategies, even in complex production environments, and ensures transparency in capacity management and product costing. The solution includes functionalities that support the production function, including order-to-invoice, design-manufacturing, and purchasing-to-payment processes. The scalable and comprehensive functionalities of the solution can be deployed as needed. With the solution, you can efficiently manage subcontracting operations in cooperation with internal production and synchronize internal material flows with efficient production. You will also be able to easily optimize inventory value while improving product availability.

ISLET SMART MANUFACTURING allows you to manage different variations of the distribution chain. It complements production capabilities with financial management functionalities that are the most widely used in the world. In addition, the solution can be deployed on a fast schedule by utilizing a ready-made solution model.




View the Smart Manufacturing package description and learn more about pricing, project duration and coverage:



The solution can also be found on the SAP Partner Package Finder: Islet Smart Manufacturing

We have also packaged Islet Smart Finance solution.



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Janina Luoto
CEO, Isletter
+358 40 574 1266

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