As SAP gold partner and Finland’s Best SAP retail partner, Islet is further expanding its solution portfolio to serve customers more comprehensively. To carry out comprehensive transformations of the procurement operation, Islet now also delivers SAP Concur solutions: Concur Expense, Concur Invoice and Concur Travel.

Islet supports customer’s travel and expense management with cloud-based SAP solutions. SAP Concur simplifies, standardizes, and automates travel and expense management processes, enables real-time integration of financial information, and helps ensure operations and compliance in line with organizations’ travel and expense policies. By automating travel and expense processes, companies operate efficiently regardless of place and time, under all circumstances.

Read more about Islet’s SAP Concur travel and expense management services here.

At Islet, we have been transforming the procurement industry from both a strategic and operational point of view for a long time. Managing the travel and expenses of organisations is a natural extension to what we offer in this area. SAP Concur simplifies and speeds up travel and expense management processes, guarantees regulatory operations, and increases user satisfaction. Overall, the solution as part of smart procurement operations will help our customers achieve their business goals.
Mikko Korpi

Head of Procurement Solutions, Islet Group

Mikko Korpi
Head of Procurement Solutions, Isletter
+358 40 489 7248



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