Islet’s long-term customer Lumene has operated SAP ERP system extensively since 2004 and Islet has been Lumene’s SAP Maintenance Partner since 2011. During 2020, Lumene migrated their SAP ERP system to Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform in a successful agile project that was completed in just four months.

SAP’s ERP solution is widely used at Lumene to operate the entire company’s core functions. The system has been continuously developed with Islet to meet the changing business needs such as covering different processes, new business arrangements, and unifying information. In addition, several other systems have been merged to the heart of ERP through integrations over the years. The global solution, as well as reliably and flexibly organized maintenance and small-scale development are all supporting Lumene’s international growth plan.

Through this long-term partnership, Lumene has gained significant benefits: flexibility, cost-effectiveness and customer-oriented service. With strong expertise, Islet focuses on meeting Lumene’s needs in a customer-oriented way, which is at the core of the service.

One of the recent projects was to migrate Lumene’s SAP system to Microsoft Azure platform.

By migrating to SAP Azure cloud service, we achieved clear cost savings and brought our two key technology ecosystems closer together aiming for synergic, long-term benefits. In addition, this was the first step in preparing for our S/4HANA transition. The project with Islet was successful and completed within the agreed budget and schedule. Islet is a reliable and flexible, high-quality partner.

Lispe Tammivaara

Head of IT, Lumene

Find out more about Lispe’s experiences of SAP on Azure from this interview (in Finnish)

For several years, Islet has invested heavily in cloud computing services, which are cost-effective options for many customers. However, the main motivators for migrating to the cloud are usually the available information, the improvement of service quality and the deeper utilization of technological ecosystems together. Cloud also enables scalability, flexible experimenting, and a global dimension that are highly relevant to every organization during these times of change and remote work.

Migrating SAP to Azure cloud surprises many with its agility. Lumene is a long-term customer, and we executed the project in close cooperation within four months. Migrating to the cloud will be inevitable in the future – most companies have either already taken their SAP platform to the cloud or are planning it. We are happy to share our experiences on smooth projects and help you find the right path to cloud transition and S/4HANA. 

Tommi Luoto

Chief Technology Officer, Islet Group

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Lumene is the market leader in skincare and color cosmetics in Finland. In 2019, the Group’s revenue was 58.7 million euros and Lumene employed 225 people. Lumene has been one of Finland’s most popular cosmetic brands for already 50 years. The vital ingredients of Nordic nature and strong technological expertise have been the secret behind their success.

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