Islet Group and Delfoi, a Finnish software company specialized in production planning and production optimization have begun a cooperation. The partnership aims to offer customers the opportunity to significantly improve the efficiency in their production planning and optimization through advanced technology solutions. In practice, this means managing even more complicated production processes and increasing visibility and punctuality in production schedules.

Islet is one of the leading service providers of SAP S/4HANA and SAP Business ByDesign -ERP deliveries in Finland and has over 20 years of experience in developing production processes. Delfoi has over 30 years of experience in production planning and simulation especially in the manufacturing industry. In cooperation Islet and Delfoi strive to help customers in different industries to improve their competitiveness and profitability by for example speeding up the product’s manufacturing and delivery processes.

As a result of the cooperation, Delfoi ja Islet’s partner SAP, the global market leader in ERP solutions, have built a standard integration between Delfoi Planner, a fine loading and planning software and SAP Business ByDesign, SAP’s cloud-based ERP solution developed for growing SME companies. The integration to Delfoi’s world-class production planning tool makes it possible to manage even more complicated and diverse production processes in SAP Business ByDesign. The integrated end-to-end solution brings visibility to all production phases. Scheduling and optimization of production boost productivity and make change management easier. Results can be seen in better inventory optimization through more accurate need dates, as better delivery reliability and as increased ability to predict the needs in production.

”Almost without exception, our software is integrated to an ERP system to answer special needs in production planning and management. I’m really happy of both the cooperation with Islet and the Delfoi Planner – SAP Business ByDesign standard integration developed together with SAP. This enables optimization of lead time in production, improving productivity and delivery reliability, easier change management and added visibility on a whole new level also to companies in SME sector.”, says Raimo Puro, CEO and founder of Delfoi.

The cooperation with Islet and the standard integration between Delfoi Planner and SAP Business ByDesign developed together with SAP enables easier change management, optimization of lead time in production, improving productivity and delivery reliability and adding visibility on a whole new level to manufacturing companies in the SME sector.

Raimo Puro

CEO, Founder, Delfoi Oy

Like all solution areas of SAP Business ByDesign, the production module is fully integrated with the other areas of the solution. The solution also has embedded reporting and analytics capabilities. The Delfoi expansion and the ready integration bring customers using SAP Business ByDesign the opportunity to further deepen the capabilities in their production. Correspondingly, to current Delfoi Planner customers thinking of an ERP solution, the modern SAP Business ByDesign is a noteworthy option with ready-built connections to Delfoi. The standard integration means a faster deployment but also significant savings in the preparatory as well as the development work related to it.

”Islet has a long experience and strong background in production, and the cooperation with Delfoi further strengthens our offering to customers with production operations. With the cooperation we’re able to streamline production processes and to offer a broader solution entity to their use. Both our old and our new customers have the opportunity to benefit from the integration. We always aspire to create added value for our customers, and this is a great example of that. It has been a pleasure to work together with Delfoi and to already have seen our customers benefitting from the synergies created by this cooperation.”, says Chief Business Officer of Business Transformations at Islet, Jukka Penttinen.

With the cooperation we’re able to streamline production processes even further and to offer a broader solution entity to our customers.

Jukka Penttinen

Chief Business Officer, Business Transformations, Islet Group


Delfoi is a Finnish company founded in 1991. It developes software and service concept solutions especially for production planning and to increasing efficiency in production management related processes. Delfoi is one of the most experienced production optimization and manufacturing simulation professional service companies in the Nordics. The company has its headquarters in Espoo, on top of which the company has two other offices in Finland, in Tampere and in Seinäjoki. Delfoi has multiple resellers and partners in Europe, the United States as well as Asia.

As part of the cooperation, Islet and Delfoi organized a joint webinar event 13.12.2021. In the event SAP Architect and Chief Business Officer of Islet Group, Jukka Penttinen and the CEO and founder of Delfoi, Raimo Puro discussed current trends of manufacturing industry, production related capabilities of modern technology and how SAP Business ByDesign and Delfoi Planner solutions work together. The concrete benefits to customers of the end-to-end solution were also discussed. Download the webinar recording in Finnish from here and get to know the possibilities for production optimization for SME sector!


Read more about Delfoi Planner on Delfoi’s webpage.


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CBO – Business Transformations, Isletter
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