Let me guess – you too have heard about the business benefits of Intelligent Enterprises and now want to become one? Of course, naturally – who would not want to take their company to the next level?

As digital solutions keep developing further and deeper, data and analytics introduce companies to new opportunities to transform their business. It’s vital to ride the wave of transformation if you want to be in the front line of your industry. What sets Intelligent Enterprises ahead of their competitors is having integrated intelligent technology in their end-to-end processes. With the technology, they are able to collect and drive the stakeholder experiences and all there is to know about company’s operational processes into insights and from there to concrete actions. That means f. ex. predicting or detecting trends faster from your own data and based on that, adapting your service portfolio to the evolving needs of your customers. But why is experience data so important? And what operational processes have to do with them?


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Regardless of what industry you are in, customer experience is something you want to keep improving to maintain and increase your clientele by continuously exceeding their expectations. Superb customer experience is a definite competitive advantage, and it plays an important role when a customer decides whether to go with your product or service, or some other option. The same applies to employee experience. You want your workforce to stay engaged, committed and able to perform their best, instead of using time doing non-productive tasks or struggling with disconnected functions within different operations that don’t work efficiently together.

Different business processes on the other hand form the very core of your everyday business. If processes are not integrated, the business doesn’t run optimally. The key is to understand the business-critical information flows and how to efficiently connect different solutions together and align the operations from end-to-end perspective.

With integrated solutions like SAP’s, your company can take the experience business seriously. Positive and insightful experience can be achieved by using the end-to-end scope to secure smooth processes between and across different operations. Simultaneously different ecosystems merge together and also the role of integration platforms has become critical.

Our Chief Development Officer János Sinkó and his team are happy to help you get started!



János Sinkó
Chief Development Officer, Isletter


This blog’s author János Sinkó is our island’s technical guru, senior architect and leader of our development team. He specializes in integrations and has extensive experience in the technical design and implementation of various solutions. His team helps our clients with demanding integration projects, multidimensional application development assignments and building intuitive user experiences, among other things.


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