We are happy to announce that Islet Group is now the first SAP partner in Finland taking part in SAP’s Fresh Faces initiative. Fresh Faces is designed to motivate young talents and professionals to pursue new careers with SAP technologies, in the world’s leading tech ecosystem. The program aims to employ 7000+ consultants by reaching them through various channels.

Whether you’re fresh out of university or looking for a new direction, there’s a world of opportunities at the SAP ecosystem. You are a good fit if you have a passion for innovative technologies and you want to contribute to running the world better. Over 75% of the world’s business transactions touch SAP systems. So, there is indeed a huge potential to make a difference. Our mission at Islet, is to help companies and people to run their businesses more efficiently, innovatively, and sustainably with SAP technologies.

SAP, as the global market leader for ERP solutions, is always keeping up with the newest technologies and invests a lot in innovation, like cloud-based solutions, data analysis and AI. In the vast SAP network, you have a chance to work with great minds and well-known, cutting-edge tech.

Islet was honored with “SAP Partner of the Year in Finland” award, among other reasons for showcasing independent and dynamic nature in pioneering with new SAP technologies. At Islet, we work with companies from many different industries. Every project is unique, as organizations have specific needs for their ERP systems. As a family company, we are able to handle challenges in an agile way, our team is very motivated to help the customers and we also support each other. So, to get to know us better, here is a story about Isletters:

Isletters are genuine and unpretentious, hardworking. In the harsh conditions of the island, Isletters are used to facing challenges and surviving even when the waves rise high. Isletters’ handshake is strong, we look you curiously in the eye and invite you warmly to sit at the campfire. When talking about the future, Isletters stride to the beach, jump with ease from stone to another, raise their binoculars and look to the horizon. We are not afraid to look far even when the world is changing around us. Isletters have a twinkle in their eye and are recognized from their colourful raincoats and red beanies that reflect their fresh and cheerful personality. We also tell you stories about nature and how important it is to live responsibly. We make sustainable solutions.

Isletters are our most valuable asset and we appreciate the fresh ideas that newcomers bring to the SAP ecosystem. SAP Fresh Faces is looking for people to make the world run better which perfectly aligns with Islet core values, as we believe in doing business responsibly and always look for opportunities to do good in the world through our actions. Therefore, creating jobs for career changers and young talents is very close to our heart.

We look forward to welcoming you to the SAP ecosystem! View open positions at Islet or send us an open application!

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